Bloodstained - new Metroidvania from Iga

Early opinions seem to be pretty positive thus far.

I love Qt3 - I just found out this game exists and came looking for a thread, really happy a discussion is happening, and it turns out to be mostly various people’s treatises on crowdfunding. I guess it is a bit early to expect impressions.

Yeah, it only just dropped a few hours ago, and like I mentioned reviewers didn’t get copies until it launched for everyone. This morning Destructoid did put this out, however.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Switch version comes a week later for those interested. It’s the new form of Switch Tax/hopeful double dipping apparently… you have to wait for portability.

So far I like this. I’ve beaten two “bosses”, and it looks like the game is starting to open up. No movement powers yet.

There’s a lot of systems. Gear drops, geart crafting, shard drops (which grant abilities), shard upgrading via crafting, food crafting (food gives a one time permanent bonus when consumed, but only the one time you eat that food), NPCs giving out quests.

You can equip five shards at a time. Two are actively used powers (one you can aim freely via the r-analogue), one is passive, the other two are “familiar” and “manipulative” but I haven’t seen any of those types yet. There’s also a semi official white shard that is the 6th but it’s weird and I don’t understand it yet (and technically don’t have one; I kept dying after getting the one whose location I know). There are quite a few of the two active power shards. Upgrades produce better numbers, and possibly alter them in other ways I’m not sure yet. My Katana shard just boosts katana damage but I upgraded to level 2 and now it boosts speed too.

I’ve seen plenty of places I’ll be revisiting once I get whatever enables me to traverse those spaces.

I’m sold. I have this preordered for Switch but I won’t get it til next week.

I broke down and bought it for Xbox last night.

This game is amazing. It’s exactly what I wanted in a Castlevania, which we haven’t gotten for over 10 years. And it’s kinda hard! The last few Castlevanias were so damn easy, this game has me dying a lot. Maybe I’m just getting too old and my skills are shit, but I died to the first real boss like 10 times last night before putting it down. I’m excited to get back to it tonight and try different gear to discover weaknesses, or maybe go explore more of the castle to get new power ups to get past him.

The graphics are gorgeous, the music is aces, the enemies are wonderfully animated and the NPCs look great. Except that one NPC Lindsay who they seemed to forget to turn on the cel-shading filter on. That is clearly a bug. Even the voice acting is pretty good, despite the very Japanese-to-English dialogue.

The weapons are awesome and there seem to be like 100 unique weapons that have distinct properties or a special move associated with them. I found something called an 8-bit coin (there are also 16 bit and 32 bit coins in the shop for a ton of money) that let me craft a unique weapon from a list of about 30. They all looked really interesting, and some of them were clear callbacks to other games, movies, animes, etc. For example, I’m think one of them is meant to be He-Man’s sword, the one that opens Castle Greyskull. I saw in the trailer you can get Shovel Knight’s shovel, and actually turn into Shovel Knight.

My only complaint is that Miram’s armor doesn’t change when you equip her. If you put on a cloak, helm, or accessory it appears on her character model, but if I put on “splint mail” (the icon of which is an armored corset with frills lol), her outfit does not change. That probably would have cost a fortune and limited the amount of armor they could add to the game, but it would have been really cool. As it stands, my Miriam is currently wearing a pirate hat, giant anime elf ears, thick hypno-glasses and bat winds and it’s kind of hilarious.

Crafting, equipment progression, secrets, actual DIFFICULT enemies, oodles of weapon types and fighting styles… if you ever loved a Castlevania game get this. Iga did right by us. 10/10 I will buy on multiple systems to show my support.

How is the performance? I had read some concerns with glitching and slowdowns and general unpolished stuff. Did you notice any of that?

Since I finished Curse on the Switch, I’d like to play this there too, but performance concerns me.

I also didn’t realize it’s a different studio doing the Switch version. Definitely going to wait for impressions now…

I think I had one glitch where the game froze for a second but I wasn’t sure if it was the game or my system freaking out (the whole screen went black). I haven’t had any other issues personally.

I should say:I do see one glitch occasionally. Monster loot will get hung up on stuff. E.g. a flyer you kill next to a wall. It’s not always possible to collect the loot in this scenario.

There’s some rough edges to be sure but it performs fine on Xbox.

As for xbox players, please be aware that when the 1.02 patch arrives next week, you will be unable to progress. Its a bug they apparently can´t fix.

Thanks for the review.

I thought the art style was difficult to read, even with the overhaul, and the “stained glass on the boob” character design was kind of silly, but if the game itself is solid (and difficult), I’m sold.

Uh, after the next patch, that is.

Ffs sounds like I should stop playing for now

The comments on that article suggest that if you get the item before patching you’ll be fine. Not sure how close I am to it, though.

Does this bug affect the PC version? Not really clear from what I read and there’s no version number anywhere that I can see. I’m liking the game so far but I’m not sure that’ll extend to starting over from deep into it if there’s a savegame breaker incoming.

Just fired this up.

Iga does not waste any time ripping up some fishnets and applying guyliner, does he?

Would be happier if Miriam’s design was less cringey, but lol Japan, I guess.


I found the hairdresser last night and it’s hilarious.

Just embrace it. It’s Bayonetta-lite. Miriam is the character he wanted to carry the series forward with in Order of Ecclessia. She’s Shanoa

Hah! I am deeply amused at how little effort has been made to even put the tiniest of fig leaves over the fact that this is Castlevania.

Whoa, this game is awesome an hour or so in. It’s a little looser in things like hitboxes and controls than your Hollow Knights and your Dead Cellses, but it’s exactly the Castlevania I’ve wanted from Iga since I don’t know how long.

For a while, I had knives in my boots. That was pretty awesome. (Kick weapon but with a secondary hit from the knives. So awesome.)

Now I wield a sword that uses a wind spirit’s power to rip foes apart. (How does a zero-frame attack animation a la the Chakram from SotN sound? SUPER GOOD, THAT’S HOW IT SOUNDS.)

This game is awesome.