Bloody Good Time (spiritual sequel to The Ship)

From the makers of The Ship, one of the wackiest multiplayer shooter type games I’ve played.

Due out later this month for Steam and XBLA, suddenly showed up in Steam today and then just as suddenly vanished with an “Oops” graphic ( Not yet available for preorder despite what the Steam web page title said during that brief mishap.

I got a lot of mileage out of The Ship and it still sits in my Steam favorites.

Edit: Oh and it uses the Source engine.

Edit #2: Giant Bomb link was broken, fixing.

I really liked the ship a lot, I’ll have to check that out. It was a shame that the servers available to play on dried up rather quickly after release.

Everybody says they want innovative gameplay until they encounter it. Then they go back to Generic Shooter #893.

Looking forward to see what they’ve come up with this time. The Ship was and is awesome. I was disappointed the online multiplayer didn’t have a larger following.

There are a few steam groups for the ship that organize events often. I had now idea about this new game, but if it is like the ship, I am definitely buying it.