Bloody Good Time

From the makers of The Ship. On XBLA for 400 measly points. Will be out on Steam next week for $5.

What was it like working with Ubisoft on the game?

Contractually, no comment.

In general, having worked in the industry for over 12 years, I can say that the creative freedom and the efficiency of independent development is somewhat inevitably lost, and that the milestone driven nature of working with a publisher is both open to abuse by publishers due to it’s basis on subjective results (try to define “good” & “fun” in a contract!), and inefficient due to the slow turnaround of feedback and the distance of the working relationship.

While I have never met a developer who has a good thing to say about a publisher, I was still hoping that it would be a lot more of a co-operative venture, taking the best of Outerlight, and the best of Ubisoft, and combining them. On a positive note, I can say they had an excellent QA team in Romania.

While people often compare the games industry to the film industry, I’d rather compare a games team with a band, trying to come up with a new hit album, the publisher being the guy that sits in the corner and suggests you try a major rather than minor key for the chorus, and maybe change the lyrics to mention lady Diana…oh, and have you thought about hot backing singers, and maybe wearing monkey suits, marketing says they are both big right now. Not ideal.

For some time the official Outerlight web site as well as the official site for The Ship have been down. Has Outerlight been dissolved?

Outerlight has all but been dissolved. The team and the office are gone, all that remains is myself working unpaid in the hope to recoup some royalties from the game. It’s been a pretty brutal period, losing the team being the hardest part, as they were the biggest asset for the company, and we shared a lot of good times together. At the moment, the life line for the company is ongoing Ship sales, which have meant we can keep trading until we hopefully see some BGT royalties.

With Bloody Good Time now officially announced, what is the current status and fate of Outerlight? Will the company be revived after the game is released?

The status of Outerlight is “critically endangered”. Personally, I really hope the company will be revived. I know we made some mistakes, but I also know we got a lot right, we had a very happy, and very productive team, and we produced some innovative ideas, and I know I had a lot more good ideas, which I hope will see the light of day. I’d also say that while games development is challenging, it’s also very rewarding. So, if there are any savvy investors out there, please get in touch!

The game looks good. For $5, I’ll get it.

Too bad about the Ubi deal.

Wow, $5. Definitely picking it up, idea sounds neat.

So this is a remake of/sequel to The Ship? I never had a chance to play that, but it did sound pretty neat.

This started as Ship 2, but the devs had a bunch of financial issues and had to go to Ubi for money. It was renamed and repurposed to Bloody Good Time, which honetsly may turn out not to be as good as The Ship considering the troubled development.

Looks like a fun game. I’ll totally get it on Steam.

It’s interesting they all but throw Ubisoft under the bus publicly, yet had to go to Ubi to get money to make the game… in a sense, they’re blaming the company that saved them as it sounds like they already had problems. Also, while it’s true the milestone system can be abused/exploited by publishers, it can also be abused/exploited by developers. Also also, good luck waiting for royalties unless they got a sweet deal, which, if it’s true they were have financial trouble when they approached/were approached by Ubisoft, is highly unlikely.

He’s also unfamiliar with the film industry, where producers/studio heads are also the guys sitting in the corner asking for “romantic interests,” “can we make the character younger,” “how will we attract the Twilight fans,” etc. In fact, it’s probably 100% accurate to say that whenever a third-party is fronting you cash, there’s a high chance of meddling by the investor(s). Everyone has ideas.

Oh, I completely agree. He thows around a lot of blame on Ubi, but it does sound like they made some huge financial mistakes early on.

So it’s the next Hydrophobia?

Hm this is really tricky as a potential buyer.

On the one hand it looks quite nice and $5 aren’t much.

On the other hand this will probably be dead in a couple of weeks (no one will play it anymore) + it’s published by Ubifail.

/looking at “The Ship” copy on Steam account… :p

Let’s hope some decent reviews will pop up and let me impulse buy it.

Hell, I’ll try just about anything for $5. I liked the idea of The Ship, but the few times I tried to play it online turned me off pretty quick. If anyone here wants to get some games in together, I’m down.

Sad to see another fluff piece subject going bust.

Really hate the naff hollywood theme, and they lay it on really thick. Seems a lot more ship-like than I was expecting though. I’d heard it described as more of a straight deathmatch game but in the 5 or so mins I had to see it I couldn’t make head or tail of anything going on except that I had a specific target to kill.

I think it is important to play with people you somewhat know (qt3, for instance). It makes it that much more hilarious when you are playing. I will definitely buy this, so if you guys want, I can make a steam group.

You can buy it and start downloading now. Only 4.50 USD

Tried it on 360, and surprise it’s garbage!

Aw, that’s too bad. Oh well.

It is pretty much similar to the Ship except smaller maps, easier to find weapons, and less needs to fulfill. It would be fun with friends.

I can’t buy it… wtf?

Maybe is a good thing, if any dollar ends on ubi pockets is a bad thing.

Reading the op interview make me sad. Maybe “The Ship” was too open and niche? It needs more definition, or different network mode (p2p?)… seems a party game, no one for random people joining.

Go fuck yourself.

I bought it to support the developer. I imagine they will never see a dime but who knows?