Bloody mess and Mozart

I was listenting to Mozart’s Requiem (for the first time in years) last night as I worked on my computer and I started gurgling and coughing up blood. Spent all night in ER but am glad to be home.

In the movie “Amadeus” about Mozart… isn’t there a scene where the background music is the Requiem he’s writing and and he’s coughing up blood? Just kind of made me “think” a bit.

No, but there’s a scene where he comes out of left field with something in a big attention whore move.

Doesn’t this belong in movies?

I thought it was gonna be about Fallout.

You’re fucked.

Are you sure? Or are you just saying that to be yourself? I haven’t watched Amadeus since it first came out and I could have sworn at the end he’s a bloody mess. It’s been a while since someone came down on me. sigh guess I couldn’t go on too long without something like that.

Wow, you sure know how to make friends.

Glad you’re not dead and all, but you are being an attention whore.

He’s coughing from the tuberculosis at the end, while writing his requiem, but I don’t recall any blood.

Guess maybe you’re right. Sorry - I’m an idiot.

Fugitive… that’s what I was thinking. Though now that you mentioned TB… it kind of reminds me of Val Kilmer in Tombstone.

It’s okay dude, I thought it was a pretty cool little story. Coughing up blood in out of nowhere doesn’t quite equate to “attention whore” in my book.

But I don’t remember him coughing up blood in Amadeus.


[CENTER]“You ain’t no daisy, Union Carbide. You ain’t no daisy at all.”[/CENTER]


sorry to pry here jpinard, but…

what happened? I mean, shit, man, are you OK? I can’t be the only one who’s wondering [I]why you coughed up blood out of nowhere and had to go to the ER, and then gave no information whatsoever about what the problem was?!?!?!

[/I]If it’s private, that’s cool, I’ll shut up and be a quiet, rude jerk over here. But fuck, I had to ask! And whatever it is, I hope you get or have gotten better.

Cystic Fibrosis - and it’s probably an infection that ate through the wall of a blood vessel in my lung. I already had a 3 week course of IV antibiotics in August, but ther’es an area in my lung that didn’t clear up. It’s not so much the blood that’s frightening, as it is the gurgling sound and not knowing if the area will clot on its own. Emergency bronchoscopies are super horrible.

Holy shit. That puts a lot of things in perspective.

Good luck, man. I’ll be wishing you the best.

Thanks! I know others have been through worse, so I probably shouldn’t complain. I guess I just felt like sharing and didn’t realize I was coming across so needy - hehe. :)

FWIW, you sound about 10,000 times less needy than I would in your situation. Your attitude does you enormous credit.

Get some nanites in there to repair that shit. C’mon jpinard, haven’t you learned anything from video games?

I have Shodan on my desktop. So far she’s just taunting me … with no help in sight of becoming a cool borg-like monstrosity. errr literally she is! my desktop (below)… the Win XP system sounds I have assigned (give each one ~ 15 seconds to loadup):






For some reason I always associate people with tons of shortcuts on their desktops with the sort of people who have massive beanie baby collections overtaking their bookcases.

You should see my start>programs list. It’s freakin insane. I’d spend all day scrolling… and that’s with all my games subcategorized.

Right disease, wrong movie. There’s a scene in Immortal Beloved where Ludwig van Beethoven confronts his brother Caspar Carl van Beethoven. Carl collapses on the floor and begins coughing up blood, at which point Ludwig realises that his brother is dying of “consumption” or TB.

There are scenes in Amadeus that are similar to what you describe, in which Mozart is struggling to perform Die Zauberflaute or to compose the Requiem while suffering from a raging fever. However, there is no blood or sputum in any of those scenes.