Bloody mess and Mozart

Thanks! I wish my memory was that good. That was all just kida lumped together in my mind, and I couldn’t understand why I kept seeing pasty-white Mozart with a bloody mess.

I forgot how creepy Shodan was. That was a game with atmosphere.

If it doesn’t fit on my QuickLaunch bar, I probably don’t need it on the computer(s). 'course, my desktop runs at 1600x1200, so it’s an awfully large QuickLaunch bar…

Immortal Beloved is one of my favorite movies, actually. Anyway, ignore the critics, Jpinard. Some of us actually do sympathize with your disease. I love how everyone BUT you can come on and talk about problems they are having without being called attention whores. Whatever. Bitch all you want here. There will be people who listen.

At the very beginning, Salieri (Mozart’s “nemesis” in the play) had just stabbed himself, and it’s pretty bloody.