Bloody Rally Show - The Love Child of Carmageddon and Death Rally

So I’m perusing Steam’s new releases – as I do ALL THE TIME – and I came across this game:

Now I love me a top-down racer, have ever since they existed, but a lot of them fall a bit flat for me for some reason. Either they’re too tough or too low on content or don’t have enough variety in their races, etc etc.

This one though, it hit a lot of boxes for me. Procedural generation? Check. Violence? Check. Weapons? Check. Kinda arcadey physics? Check. Editors for more content? Check.

So I bit the bullet and bought it sight unseen.

It might be my new favorite racing game ever.

So sure, you have races, but there are pedestrians in these races trying to get a good view of the cars as they pass, so they’re bound to be…collateral damage. Also they fill up your nitro booster…and are ammo for the exploding pedestrian cannon weapon.

Also you can enter a race as a pedestrian to get money and XP (because you just bought a new car and don’t have enough for the next race’s entry fee) by taking pictures of cars as they speed by, hopefully without getting killed.

Races also have obstacles like ramps, exploding barrels, helicopters shooting at you all, etc.

Some races have weapon zones that give you a random weapon or powerup, like a nailgun, or a shield, or a weapon called Mad Fax that dumps papers at your opponents to throw them off.

Some bouts are pure battles, some are time trials. The campaign takes place in weeks of five races, some with weapons, some without, some with missions like come in last, or take out another driver, or take out these four pedestrians.

The AI is also amazing, as they deal with the same physics you do, can become rivals and so on. Whenever you win a race, you feel like you fought for it. The physics are also perfect for this kind of game. Not too arcadey, not too simmy, but a perfect mix that’ll have you drifting successfully all over the place in time.

Oh, there’s also a custom race mode where you can use generated or designed tracks with up to 100 cars.

So yeah, I love this game. Love. Enough to make a new thread for it, so I do hope you’ll check it out.

PS. I’ll be streaming it this coming week too.

Okay, the trailer didn’t highlight this.

I miss this in every game since Super Mario Kart and F-Zero GX!

Thanks Brian! Wishlisted. How many can play it locally?

Wishlisted. Thanks Brian.

At least two.

Hm, sounds like it might scratch an itch for a modern Vangers as well, minus all the weird stuff, I guess.

It’s not open world like Vangers, but yes.

The course designer in this is really good. It doesn’t do mixed surface, which is a shame, and I wish it had about a million more decoration pieces to give some crazy ambient detail to your courses, but the speed with which you can get something together is fantastic.

My third effort.

It’s very easy to get a track built, send it to the Steam workshop, subscribe to it and then start running hotlaps/hotruns to set a time for your friends to chase.

Fantastic drifting dude.

You should go to the game’s discord and talk to the dev, he’s very open to suggestions.

One of the trailers appeared to show four way split screen

Makes sense. I’ve not tried it myself though.

Ah, thanks! Good to know for local multiplayer sessions. This could be a lot of fun.

Be sure to post a link when you stream it, or, more likely for me, a link to the upload after the fact.

Tuesday, 9 AM Pacific:

My my my… this is really a nice, and wonderfully polished, little meat grinder.

A great way to describe it.

Careful, you might wind up with a cockpit view and wheel support.

Hah, highly unlikely.

Why even bother.

Games like Vangers and The Void make me wonder if Russians are somehow good at programming whilst completely off their tits.

And we certainly need a Qt3 Night for this. I’d love to splash entrails over ya’ll out there. And in the game.

Whenever I see that a game was developed in Russia (or most any Eastern European nation, really) I get significantly more interested in it, basically for this reason.