Bloody Rally Show - The Love Child of Carmageddon and Death Rally

New historical low y’all. BUY IT YOU FUCKS. ;)


Box quote?


Two things. Firstly, this looks familiar but I don’t know why.

And secondly, I always thought Brian Rubin’s current avatar was a cartoonized self portrait.

(Unless I’m missing a joke here) It is! The artist for the game offered to add purchasers to the game’s cast of drivers for a small fee. So that’s Brian and his cat.

The two guys to the right of Brian are also from the game’s Discord.

Ah, I didn’t realize any of that.

Speaking of Bloody Rally Show, their soundtrack seems very familiar to me, minus Tom Morello.

Yup, I got the portrait from the game’s artist. Got one for the wife too soon. Hope y’all are enjoying the game!

Ha, I love it (referring to the portrait, not the game*)

*I already love the game


Hey big thanks to everyone who purchased this during the sale! 200 units were sold! YAY! This makes me so…bloody…happy. ;)


You love it and you know it.

Ohhhhhh I’ll ask the dev to add cows on more rural levels!

Cattle crossing? Yes, please.

Not sure if anything will come of it, but I did ask on the Discord. If it does happen it’ll likely be after the console ports are done.

Since this thread has Death Rally in the title this seemed like a fitting place to note for 25th anniv it’s free on steam now:

Oh good call.

Also in actual BRS news, the console ports are almost done!

FYI this is currently on-sale (again) through October 12th for 33% off.

Also: OMG this is SO good you guys! I’d been putting off buying it for ages & now I don’t know why.


Ohh well spotted, how did I miss that? Also:

Yay! So glad you’re enjoying it!