Bloody Rally Show - The Love Child of Carmageddon and Death Rally

Hah, highly unlikely.

Why even bother.

Games like Vangers and The Void make me wonder if Russians are somehow good at programming whilst completely off their tits.

And we certainly need a Qt3 Night for this. I’d love to splash entrails over ya’ll out there. And in the game.

Whenever I see that a game was developed in Russia (or most any Eastern European nation, really) I get significantly more interested in it, basically for this reason.

I just got it and wow. The first contact exceeds all my expectations. It’s the game I wished Death Rally and Carmageddon had been. The AI is simply hilariously amazing, with guys who just give on the race to fuck it up and what not.

Thanks so much Brian for bringing it up in the indie games thread.

There’s AI then there’s personality, and I think the latter is sorely missing in most games so this is great to hear! I laughed so hard recently playing Videoball and watching certain AI players just be super aggressive at the expense of everything else.


I’m chuckling looking at the achievements list for this game around my friends who own it.

Lots and lots of achievements earned for running people over, finishing seasons and winning campaigns and then I have eleven hours of game time and the only achievements I have is for designing new circuits.


Truth be told, the steamies are a bit buggy and pop up or are taken into accounts at weird times (some people are even pissed at this!).

The what now?



So I made a little teaser video in preparation for tomorrow’s stream. ;)

Steamies! It’s not me, but either @Jason_McMaster or @tomchick who came up with it.


Steam achievements.


With the way the camera is spinning, it should be the ralphies, not the steamies

I’ve decided that the game is missing one thing: the announcements from Test Drive: Eve of Destruction.

“Aaaand MR. FIST takes the lead!”

God I loved that game.

God still one of the best.

The game has multiple cameras, I just like the one that always tries to point north.