Blu-ray players without ethernet

… should they be avoided? I only ask because I can get one such player for redicucheap (Philips) and I’m told that even the best players still require the occasional firmware update to play certain movies (this is disconcerting).

I guess what I’m really asking is, does anyone here have such a player, and if so, is updating the firmware generally as simple as burning it to a DVD-RW and playing it? Or should I really just drop the extra cash on a player with ethernet, because there’s even better reasons I haven’t EVEN covered (BD-live is bitchin?)?


Some movies come with firmware updates on the disc, and I believe a lot of manufacturers offer firmware updates for download that you can burn onto a disc to get onto your player.

BD-Live can be cool, but can also be a royal pain in the ass; some sites seem to feed BD-Live content through a soda straw.

But auto-upgrading firmware is well worth having the Ethernet connection.

You have to update Blu Ray players with firmware updates before watching some movies?

I did not know this. I’ve never seen a media technology marketed to the masses that works like that. Clearly the technology is not there yet. No Blu Ray yet for me!

I have a Sharp Blu-Ray player, and had to update the Firmware for the first time just last week. (For the Max Payne movie, of all things.) Anyway, mine’s got a USB port, so I just had to download the file on my PC, put it on the thumb drive, plug that into the player, and go through its menu options to begin the software update. The whole process took maybe ten minutes.

My advice would be to look into how the firmware updates are handled on the Philips player, since you’re probably going to have to do it eventually.

You mean like the PS3/360/Wii/Cell Phones/TVs/Cameras? Sign of the times. Every electronic system will eventually be firmware upgradable. I think my Roomba Vacuum even can be firmware upgraded.

That being said I don’t expect anyone buying a new BD player will have to futz around with upgrades. It was more an issue during the earlier years.

Get a PS3 (or one with Internets) and it’ll do it for you. No bigs.