Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

Wal-mart shot down that rumor a while back.

Technically they are both a wash really. Interactivity wise HD DVD has the edge with PIP and network connectivity on all players but by the end of October all new BD players must support profile 1.1 which has most of the interactivity HD DVD has and more. BD-J is a much more flexible programing language then HDi. Space of course goes to BD with 50GB dual layer discs and higher bitrate then HD DVD.

There are three reasons that BD has the edge in this war:

Studio Support. Sony Pictures, Disney Studios and FOX have declared 100% studio support to the format. Comparatively Universal is the only major HD DVD only studio. Other studios like Paramount and Warner are neutral.

CE support. Consumer Electronics wise, right now Toshiba is the only major name brand manufacturer of HD DVD only players. BD has Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, & Samsung.

PS3. In the US, HD DVD has over 100,000 players. PS3 alone has sold 1.5 million.

“Announced”? “May not come to pass”? Yeah, that’s totally convincing… especially when existing players may not even play them!

And what do you mean by “not many” dual-layer BDs? There are plenty of BD-50s, most of my BDs are dual-layer and I didn’t pick them specifically for being dual-layer. Looking at I’d say the released titles about evenly split between BD-25 and BD-50.

Additionally, the interactive features of HDi (the HD-DVD menu authoring language) seem to be better utilized than BD-J so far.

Who cares, other than John C. Dvorak? I’ve heard of these interactive features of the HD-DVD format but I use movie disks to watch movies, not to play around with the remote control. Animated menus are annoying enough already.

Um, totally false. Both Universal and Weinstein Company are HD-DVD exclusive. There were rumors that Universal was switching recently, but those are false.

You’re missing the point. Universal might say they’re HD-DVD exclusive but ultimately they don’t care because they don’t have stock in either format – all they want is to sell movies. If Blu-ray takes the lead they’ll switch in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, all the film studios owned by Sony will never, ever release anything on HD-DVD, unless Blu-ray turned out to be a total failure.

So you don’t care at all what movies you can play, just as long as the player is cheap? You think most people won’t care that they can’t watch Casino Royale and Spider-Man on HD-DVD? Sorry, I don’t think so!

Of course most people won’t care; they’ll just buy them on regular-ass DVD to play on their regular-ass DVD players because that’s what they have. “Most people” do not have either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, and things are going to remain that way for a long, long time.

The PS3 may be outselling HD-DVD, but at this point it’s like being the sanest lunatic in the asylum.

Yes, Rimbo. I was replying to someone thinking that people would buy HD-DVD players en masse.

Is it OK if I hate Blu-Ray because it adds an extra 2 weeks to the manufacturing cycle for PS3 games? For iterative titles that’s 2 less weeks of development and polish. Hopefully that time will be shortened as more Blu-Ray duplication plants come online, but in the meantime I’m going to continue to hate Sony and to stamp my feet like a child and hold my breath until my face turns blu.

Easy: HD DVD. But not for any technical reasons like web-enabled features and such. It’s purely because all HD DVD movies are region free, which is just awesome for someone like me (half price when importing from the US, not to mention the much larger selection of titles available).

Whoops! Sorry about that.

runs and hides in shame

Do publishers send their games to Sony for manufacture? Didn’t know this… although Sony also does this for the PSP, right?

Is this going to be the rule going forward? I always hated that region bullshit.


The HD DVD camp has yet to institute region codes, and has said in the past that they won’t.

Sure, they could change their minds in the future, but the current (and future) region free movies would of course still work.

An interesting note in the link above is that Warner Bros. was the only studio that didn’t want region encoding for Blu-ray. Maybe that’s why they’re generous with their HD DVD releases, since they provide more extra content there than on their Blu-ray releases?

Some good information about importing HD DVDs here:

If Blu-ray wins I’ll be sad for sure, as I would hate going back to that region encoded crap. :(

Is there any reason to buy one over the other yet?

I mean with an HD TV being purchased within the next few weeks, I am actually considering (ok not really but kind of) buying a PS3 if just for the blu ray player and its affordablity.