Blue curacao

Balut is gonna be pissed.

Rum vs curacao:

Rum is made from molasses, and curacao is made from the peel of an especially bitter and horrible kind of orange, so they should really taste quite different from one another. The various tints of curacao all come from food colors, so it shouldn’t make any difference which color you choose unless it also has some added flavoring agent.

Lemonade, Blue Curacao, Vodka, blended with crushed ice = tasty frozen drink (electric lemonade I think it is called). Mmmmm.

Also, both smarties and bottle caps are good in my book. I am also a sucker for fireballs.

Curacao is flavored by orange peel. The bitter and mildly citrus taste is often mixed with sweet citrus mixers, such as lemonade.

The “blue” version is done entirely as an artificial coloring for no purpose other than to make oddly colored drinks.