Blue Screen of Death

The other day I was pleseantly sleeping in when my roommate woke me up and told me that the desk top pc blue screened. As I started to mumble obscenities to myself I quickly remembered the article in pc gamer about a year ago in which they explained how to fix this. I dug the issue out and in under an hour my computer was up and running again perfectly.

So staff of pc gamer, I thank you.

So how’s lunix treating you?

this shows how easy to use the article was, I have no idea what linux is lol.

He bought an Apple?

no, i have XP

Thanks for sharing.

The other day Firefox crashed on me. I rebooted and everything was okay.

Thanks PC Magazine for teaching me to reboot when something goes wrong.

i rarely read pc gamer anymore but when i do it never fails to please despite the fact that pretty much the only game my computer can run is cs:s

The other day my clock on my stove was telling the wrong time due to the DST change. I couldn’t figure out how to change it so I referred to the manual in the drawer under the oven.

Thanks stove manual writer.

This is the thread where we give thanks to people who write things that are printed, right?

The other day I couldn’t remember the syntax for moving a user between Active Directory OUs using VB so I looked up “OUs,Moving users” in the Active Directory Cookbook.

Thanks O’Reilly.

The other day I was reading a thread on Qt3 and then I realized I could just reboot my computer and I could stop reading.

So, thanks, Andrew Myers

… but not stop posting.

Somewhere there is a Budweiser “Real men of Genius” ad here…

Mr. “I fixed my computer by following the directions” Maaaaannnnn!


Where can I purchase this PC Gamer magazine? Is the December issue available at my nearest magazine retailer?

Seriously, can we ban this guy? Between this thread and the “renouncing christianity” one I think he’s done.

And yes, it is always guys.

That is because women’s talents are wasted on internet forums. You can’t see what they look like, and instead you actually have to listen to what they say. You know how that usually goes.

So while women are on TV as the spokes-person for some multi-national interest trying to convince you that their product doesn’t cause cancer or that the allegations of Congressional bribery are all lies, the men are left to do the faceless PR jobs.

Wow. Just quoting this one for posterity.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

Which one? Unicorn or Zep?

Not everything I say is serious however that doesn’t always mean I never “kid on the square”.