Bluetooth and Wifi, or: I hate 2.4GHz

So, I have a semi-smartphone, the Nokia E72. It’s not an Android, but it’s a nice step up from my older phone, and it has that full blackberry-style keyboard I like so much, not to mention free GPS with free map updates. But there’s something that I’ve found problematic: Bluetooth and Wifi fighting for dominance.

I don’t know if it’s unique to this phone, or a fundamental issue with the crowded 2.4GHz spectrum, but when I use my A2DP headphones, (which also run AVRCP and standard handsfree profile) I get interference when the phone gets close to the edge of wifi range and has to boost power. That’s not a problem, but I recently realised that the trouble I’ve had with youtube performance is due to bluetooth as well. With the headphones connected, I get maybe 8-20KB/s sustained, with spikes to 50KB, right next to the router. With bluetooth off, I can use VoIP or shoutcast all around the house.

So my questions are, does anyone else have this problem? Is it intrinsic to all phones, or is the wifi/bluetooth chip in mine just underpowered for what I’m trying to do? (I don’t think I’ve had the issue with just a smaller headset/handsfree only BT earpiece.) And is there any news of a 5GHz wifi chip in a phone?

I thought the iphone supported 5Ghz N, but it doesn’t. I searched around out of curiosity and it looks like none of the android phones do either. The samsung galaxy android tablet is supposed to support N, but that’s probably not a great deal of help for you.