Bluetooth/Cellphone nightmare

OK recently I bought a Motorola V551 and I asked the sales clerk if they sold any Bluetooth adapters along with the necessary software to talk with the phone but he said they didn’t and he suggested I use eBay.

So this is what I got yesterday.

I first installed the drivers for the Bluetooth dongle and everything went OK there. With the BlueSoleil interface I can communicate with my phone just fine.

I then installed the Mobile Phone Tools and ran the live update to bring it up to version 3.25b. After updating I ran the program, selected my phone from the list and chose the Bluetooth install option. I then get this screen which goes on for a few minutes but never finds my phone.

I made sure to select “find me” in my V551 setup screen but for some reason the Mobile Phone Tools won’t find it :(

who is your provider?


Are you trying to use the phone as a modem or to get pictures from it and stuff?

Well I’m able to send and recieve pictuers using the BlueSoleil interface thingy but it’s very rudimentary and doesn’t give me access to other features of the phone. I think that’s what I need the Mobile Phone Tools for.

As an aside, is the quality of this picture on par about what you’d get from a typical cellphone camera?

Looks pretty good for a celphone camera if you ask me.

Well, for whatever reason it is saying, “Please insert your Bluetooth device into your PC” so it’s not finding your bluetooth adaptor. It’s not that it can’t find the phone.

If it’s any help, I use Bluetooth on my laptop/PPC to talk to my NGage and it works fine and allows me to use the internet, and I have Cingular service. So it is possible, if that helps, anyway.


Well to be honest you should be thankful that cingular isnt like verizon and doesnt lock their phones down.

If you can get the pics off the phone that means it can see it but I am guessing you wanna do like ringtones and stuff? They might have locked that feature out like verizon dones. (as an aside verizon also locks the user out of being able to transfer photos to and from the PC).

Thanks to everyone for your input. I was able to get it working through the help of the ebay seller but I gotta say my first Bluetooth experience was a fucking nightmare. I should’ve just went with a USB connection but ohhh no I just had to try out that new fangled Bluetooth.

I had major problems getting that software up and running with my Nokia 6230. Once I finally managed to get it up and running it’s been fine (mostly for moving pics and music between the two). I’ve not tried the modem setup yet, but nothing I’ve done with this yet has sold me on the idea of Bluetooth as a convenient medium for anything other than headsets (and I’m not sure I want a low power microwave transmitter sat on my ear).

For hands free sets in cars where the sound is hooked to the radio and the mic does not have to be on your person Bluetooth is great. Other then that? <shrug>

It’s great for keyboard and mice too.

But communnication between phones and pc is a bitch - in my experience it works 50% of the time, and there’s no telling which is which.
In my experience Nokia is alightly better at keeping to their standards than Sony ericsson. I haven’t played with any other, but tried a lot of different Bluetooth gear with a lot of different phones from the two.