Bluetooth Tracking Technologics in 2018


Anyone use the little Bluetooth key fob trackers for stuff? I am tempted to put them on some keys and maybe put one in my wallet. I wish I could attach one to my glasses truthfully.

This brand caught my eye on Amazon and seem pretty well received.


So when you trigger it the device rings? I’ve considered one before, but they didn’t seem granular enough–telling me that my keys are in my house wasn’t very useful.


Yeah from what I’ve read, you trigger the fob via your phone app. It then makes a jingle, along with a sort of green arrow pointer on your phone telling you to go in the direction of the fob.

I might bite on the 8 pack with extra echo dot. Gotta see how much spare cash I have after the last of my Christmas shopping next week.


My mother uses this. You can also make your phone ring from one of the tiles. She loses her phone with some regularity as well.


I used a Tile for a few months after losing and later finding a set of keys, but I eventually dumped it. The Android app’s notifications felt intrusive and annoying. But the final straw was when, on several occasions, my Tile was erroneously reported to be “found” in public places I’d been. I hadn’t actually lost it or even left it anywhere, but apparently other Tile users were detecting mine and reporting it to the cloud, or something. This kinda creeped me out.


It’s great that you can finally replace the battery yourself now. The whole subscription thing bugged me.