BMW Presents "i Vision Dee" the chameleon car

And in the “an answer to a question no one asked” department…

Imagine all the cool getaways bank robbers can have now!

Guess I won’t be selling that guy a color-change wrap.

Didn’t Ford do that like 20 years ago?

I bet BMW charges you every time it changes.

Also, wouldn’t last 10 minutes alone in a carpark without some snapperhead ruining the panels for shits and giggles.

Now, if the thing had adaptive camo that made light bend around it so it became effectively invisible, that would be cool. Fatally dangerous, of course, but still cool.

As someone who likes cars with some color, and hate that 90% of vehicles these days are black, white, silver or grey, I love the idea. However I expect the implementation customer pick could be tremendously bad.

Apparently it’s based on this tech, which is probably more interesting in other use cases:

Don’t care about that attention grabbing feature, just like when VW did something similar for the ID7 reveal. I do quite like some features of the retro futuristic exterior design however, particularly the horizontal kidneys which I much prefer to this:

Looks like a buck-toothed beaver face.

The easier solution is to not charge a fortune for different colors. The reasons cars lack color these days is that one, you have to spend sometimes a ton of money to get a cool color, and two, the cars actually available are likely to be the basic colors in order to appeal to the most customers (and because most “different” colors have lower resale values are less valuable on the market it seems).

Also, for most manufacturers they are either building cars to a predetermined allotment and the dealer gets what they get…or the dealer places the order in advance of any customer order and dealers order what sells the easiest. This applies to color and to options/features, and why since say the 70s our choice in car options has declined. Have you looked at the car color pallets from the 70s and 80s?

Only a few manufacturers truly let you spec a car to your desire. With most you are just searching and hoping. Porsche, BMW, MINI and a handful more are all makes that allow you to factory spec.

Heh, I bought cars in the '70s and '80s, so, yeah, definitely aware of the better color choices then.

My first car was yellow and black. ('74 Capri.)

I had an Evolution Orange Miata.

Then a layered red Mazda 6 and a (they called it something else, but it was Ferrari) Red Fiat 124.

I am very disappointed that the best color I could find my current ride in was Machine Gray. I’d be all over a car that could be orange one day, red the next, and black when I’m speeding.

Also, can I read Kindle books on the BMW hood?

Dude I knew in Detroit had a car called The Banana by us. You can figure out why.

Of course the car culture internet in blowing up with Matt Farah’s pink 718 Spyder with bright red interior.

With a color changing car, we will get all manner of questionable auto color choices.

Who is Matt Farah and why do people care about his car colour choices?

I, um, rather like that look. I’d rock it. Just send me the keys, please!