Board game digital revivals

So i’m pretty new to online gaming (just got 3meg service a month ago) and i’ve been checking out some of the downloadable games available on the various networks. as i was playing the Carcossone (sp?) demo it struck me that an Axis and Allies game would be a really fun thing to have on there.

I remeber wasting away sooo many hours on that game (and Space Hulk for that matter) when i was a kid. I’d love to see an online version of it someday, and it seems to me that it would lend itself nicely to the online party gaming format.

Another fun one might be Diplomacy, but i’m not sure exactly how that would work online, maybe there would be a round of audio PMing and then people would need to lock in thier allegences for that round and the whole thing would play out.

anyway I would love to see some of my favorite games come back in this new age. Anyone else got any classic board games they would like to see revived for online competition?

I’m fairly certain that both of those games have been adopted multiple times. As recently as 2005.

Here is a link to an open source version of A&A.

Also, Starship Troopers. Or Betrayal at House on the Hill. Oh, and Mississippi Queen.

You can also check out page 2 of this thread

Thanks for the links guys…guess they already have what I want. That’s handy.

Oh and for more games, look at this list which is a list of games you can play for free on BSW, a German online gaming site. There are no bot players however, so you’ll need to be ok with playing with other people.