Board Games at my place in Pasadena, CA: After Xmas gaming

Anyone in the Los Angeles area is welcome to join the eleven of us playing board games at my place in Pasadena, CA on Monday Dec. 26th starting at 12 noon.

My collection is here.. You are welcome to RSVP through Meetup here or send me a pm for the address. There’s a $3 charge for snacks, and drinks are provided at .50 each, or free filtered water. We normally order something for dinner.

People play literally all night although I normally go to bed between 10 and midnight.

We have a lot of fun. Qt3’ers welcome!

Kind of a skimpy selection. Should people just bring their own games?

Sorry if 200+ games isn’t enough :). You are in Eugene though kerzain, so you can attend EGG, and my friend who puts it on has over 1,000 games. Much better :)

1000 games. Just imagine the number of Meeples that must be in that collection.

1000 games – so that’s like all of the Munchkin expansions and 250 other games?

This isn’t like a hobby or anything, is it? 1000 games! That’s a hardcore hobby. One that everyone knows about.

Name three games you got as gifts, who they were from, and if they were good or bad.

I nominated Idrisz to attend.

I don’t have a thousand games, she does. However a friend of mine here locally has over 2,000 games. I buy and sell, they keep :).

Pasadena isn’t white enough for me to attend, I’m afraid of ghettos.

Plus, I don’t play board(bored) games.

I will see if I can work out attending, sounds like fun. Lorini, do you hang out at Game Empire at all? I was distraught that they had gone out of business before I saw they had just moved down the road.*

*I have a complaint that only a nerd can manage: the owner wrote in his blog that they were in the old space of the PakMann Arcade. Almost, but not quite. The new GE space is right on the corner, which I recall was a furniture store, but PakMann was a couple doors down to the west. Same building, though. I spent a lot of time there, and keep an old PakMann token taped to my home computer monitor.

I occasionally hang out at Game Empire, but not often. I’m not a big night gamer, also it’s really crowded there on Friday nights. I might start going back on Wednesday nights though as I try to get more board gaming time in.