Board Wargame Box Art Challenge


This thread is for the Board Wargame Box Art Challenge, A Boxed Board Wargame’s Cover Art will be placed here, covered by 50 equally sized boxes. Two will be revealed initially. One will be removed every day until the proper title has been guessed. The winner gets props from all his friends!

Some Rules and Clarifications as we move along:
1.) No magazine games (with Magazine information on the cover),
2.) Sections to be revealed after the initial post of a challenge will be selected randomly.
5.) The Challenge Item will be revealed after 10 days (1/5 of the art has been revealed).
8.) The name of the challenge is “Board Wargame Box Art Challenge”". So there’s gotta be a boardgame that is a wargame in a box.
15.) The Game must have been released (no P500s or future planned efforts).
27.) No Games classified as “Children’s Game” by BGG (Yuk!).
43.) Official answers may only be provided in-forum.
99.) The winner of a challenge, may choose the next title (will take effect on Challenge #3).
457.) @Navaronegun reserves the right to haggle and whine with a winner over the selection if it is too easy.
1068.) If no winner appears after 10 days, @Navaronegun or a designated proxy will choose the next item.
2761.) If no selection is chosen by a winner within 24 hours of winning, @Navaronegun or a designated proxy will choose the next item.
3557.) Per popular vote in the thread it was agreed that @Navaronegun shall receive a “tip” of two bits for helming this thread; he may select every 25th Challenge item (or may gift it, as he sees fit). As a result, the winner of this challenge will recieve mad props from @Navaronegun and the pleasure of solving a puzzle, but will not select the next Challenge item.
4370.) No rules violations exist unless @Navaronegun declares it as such.
7319.) @Navaronegun recommends that the populace begin studying the Swedish language.
8838.) @Navaronegun believes that it may be in the best interest of participants to wear their underwear inside-out.

Board Wargame Box Art Challenge Number 1

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Game box art challenge?

Afghanistan '11!


Nope. :)


A Distant Plain





Game Art By: Xavier Carrascosa, Rodger B. MacGowan, Chechu Nieto


Now for a Harder One!

Board Wargame Box Art Challenge Number 2


You have to show the reveal, sir.


…and edited above!


Etruscan War in the Velch!


Did you say “Waterloo”, mon Ami? Incorrect. :)


I’ll let other people have a go at it :)


Yes, you do have props today! Officially!


I got it too, but by kinda cheating. Good fun tho!


Thanks, Rod. There’s no cheatin’. If you can answer, you can answer. :) Point A to Point B.


Um, the way these forum things work is that the person who guesses right goes next…


My game, my rulez. I may add it to the running rule above, after #2 gets answered.

EDIT: Done. See rule 99.

@vyshka You will get to choose an item after the next unanswered Challenge.


Bad Moon Rising then :)






Game Art By: Bruce Yearian

Rod, PM me for the next challenge, and props!


SWEET! Picking something… k read the rules (you killed In Country!) gonna dig something else up.


Boo! ;)