Boardgame Tables

Agreed. It’s a serious offer. Haul the table away, and it’s yours.

Probably worthwhile figuring out what the pool table is first. There is a reason pool table moving services exist, its a non-trivial job with a decent table.

I’m betting it would be too easy if there were screws and you could separate it in two halves?

Everything fits into a Bag of Holding!

If it has a slate bed it’ll weigh around 500lbs and the only realistic way to move it is to deconstruct it. That involves removing the felt (usually stapled to the frame) and moving the slate pieces separately. Its not easy to remove the felt and keep it reusable either.

We’ve had ours moved multiple times now and its been done professionally each time. Simply because we weren’t prepared to have people waving around 500lbs of pool table in the house unless they had insurance.

Doneski. Bob Villa ain’t got nothin on me.

Dumdums only sent me the neoprene sized for it without the extension tho!

Wait, you made that?

PM me for a custom order plz!

Very cool. I see the cup holders but what is that little black slate in front of them?

You needed to click on the button to see the post he was replying to.

Looks like it’s for the drinks that don’t go into the holder (mugs etc).

I think the intention is for them to be your own dice rolling pad but yeah that works too

I did take that picture from their kickstarter page.

D’oh! I get it now. Still, very nice!

Others noted this is from and it’s the 3x5 with 2’ extension topper. This is what it looked like this AM. I went from overwhelmed to proud of my kit assembly skillz!

That strikes me as being a bit small for rolling dice.

Yeah maybe an individual holding pen.

Anyway next up is to put a set of LED lights in that can be removed when the topper is broken down. They have a prototype set here:

Anyone have other suggestions? Velcro? Other undoable fasteners?

Am I just missing the table toppers on their site? I want exactly what you have. Do you mind me asking the total cost?

Look for the game changer topper. 3x5 add the 2’ extension

So much room for activities!

That version has legs, not sure how to order it without.

Oh man. Only legs versions. Looks great though.