Boardgames 2024

Yeah, they are for sure doing campaigns up through Shurax, as that was the commitment in that KS. I would assume volume 4, 5,and eventually 6 (which isn’t even identified yet) will probably get their turn though, considering how popular the campaigns have been.

This little beauty arrived today(*):

Gears of Corruption is the first expansion for Expeditions, the “in lore sequel” to Scythe by Stonemaier games.

It brings new mechs, new characters and companions as well as dual layered boards for all existing mechs.

It also aims to speed up the start of the game and open up the early turns by giving all players some starting resources and a wild worker.

Finally, it makes exploration more unpredictable/rewarding with updated map tokens and adds a corrupted mech roaming the board. The effect is to make corruption more plentiful and add some risk to being near that mech.

Those all sound like great incremental improvements without completely changing the game for those (like my wife and I) who already enjoy the base game. I’m looking forward to bringing it to the table this weekend. Expeditions is great fun and looks cool to boot.

(") The box will be recycled soon as it all fits in the base box. Nearly a pity as it looks good. But who’s got the space for countless boxes? Not us.

As I consider when I’ll find the time to jump back into some Hexplore It, I was checking out Youtube to refresh my brain on the rules and came across this. I wasn’t sure if this one was from someone in our community or not, but dig the @tomchick and QT3 callout at the start of the video!

And if it is one of us jokers, speak up and take credit for having a cool Youtube channel on boardgaming!

Da fuk? Dungeon Dive lurks at QT3?! Sweet! Ok, which one of you is Dungeon Dive? Excellent channel for solo rpg/boardgaming content.

Hexplore It hits number five on his top 10 adventure boardgames, from only a few days ago:

Just the kind of question a secret Daniel would ask!

I love Daniel’s perspective on games, but I wish he would do playthroughs as well as all his “talking head” stuff. I have zero patience for talking heads on YouTube (reviews, top ten lists, unboxings, etc.), but I do love playthroughs, and I wish it was something Daniel felt like sharing. That said, I’ve spoken with him about it in the past and I completely respect that he knows how much filming a session can compromise it. But, yes, he’s said some very kind things about stuff I’ve written and I encourage everyone to subscribe to his channel if you’re interested in following a dyed-in-the-wool and very productive fan of dungeon crawlers!

Hey all! Daniel from the Dungeon Dive here. Happy you found the Hexplore It videos. And yes, I am a HUGE fan of Tom’s work. I wish he did MORE talking head stuff, and fewer let’s plays, because I don’t like let’s plays but I love hearing people talk about games. ;)

But yes, as I’ve mentioned to Tom before, I HATE doing let’s play videos. I really suck at remembering rules. :)

I do quite a few solo RPG sessions though. Those are fun, because the rules don’t really matter.

Welcome Daniel! I’m slowly working my way through a lot of your Hexplore It videos on my way to hopefully starting with the Klik’s Madness campaign in a week or so.