[boardgames] So, what's on your table now?

Just thought a general thread on what you’re currently playing in the realm of boardgames might be a decent place for people to talk about…well…what they’re currently playing.

I picked up a copy of The South Shall Rise Again yesterday at my FLGS (friendly local game store) and because of its relative simplicity, I was playing it within 15 minutes after getting it home.

It’s a 1 to 4 player wargame…albeit a fairly light wargame as far as wargames go. It’s the Civil War and the south has figured out how to reanimate the dead. You and up to 3 other soldiers have to face them in a series of a half dozen scenarios.

It probably doesn’t have a lot of replay value from what I’ve seen so far, but I am enjoying it quite a bit.

I have an ongoing Pathfinder: The Adventure Card Game (two players, four characters) campaign. I’ve recently introduced a friend to Twilight Struggle and we’re playing that every few weeks. Tried out the Firefly board game a couple of times.

I’m currently playing through the Pathfinder card game as well. As a matter of fact, that was my late afternoon saturday game. I was in an antisocial mood so I spent this weekend with solo games.

I need to get a game of Firefly in again too. I have all the expansions, for cryin’ out loud.

Gonna tackle a 3 player Mage Knight coop game (with the Lost Legion expansion, of course) today. All three of us have the day off and we’re going to start around noonish, so in theory we should have enough time. Fingers crossed. The last couple of weeks have been trying out new games, including the recent Kickstarter delivery Province and Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends the week it was just me and one other guy, and A Study of Emerald last week. All three seem quite promising, although Tash-Kalar basically destroys my brain.

THAT’S THE WORST GAME EVER CREATED BY HUMAN HANDS! Seriously, Mage Knight gave me bursitis. It made my hair thin and I suspect it emptied my bank account one night while I was sleeping, spending the cash on drugs and cheap wine.

(the truth? I love Mage Knight)

I’m selling off my copy of Tash-Kalar at Gencon though. It was fun the first few games, but for some reason I started to really dislike it after that. That dislike grew into open disdain after a few more games. I guess I’m just not that into games that require me to work with shapes in my head.

I’m having some friends over next weekend for some board games, and I just picked up the following:

-Betrayal at the House on the Hill
-Red November

I’ve heard really good things about both games from friends, although I’ve only played Red November before. I’m excited to try Betrayal!

A friend of mine is hooked on Eclipse, so he keeps breaking it out at any conceivable opportunity.

I am so fucking bad at that game. Nothing quite like sinking four hours into a game I realize I’m gonna lose horrifically in about 4 turns in.

But hey, I get to hang out w/ pals and eat a bunch of bad food, so it’s all good.

There’s a good iOS port of Eclipse if you want to get some practice at it.

Played two games of Sentinels this weekend. Really enjoyed the last two games much more than my previous sessions. This one is really growing on me. I also kickstarted the Sentinels Tactics boardgame (which is shipping very soon)…So getting exicted about this.

Also got Among the Stars on the table, its ok. I dont like the expansion very much however.

I’m a filthy Android mongrel. Probably why I lose so badly at Eclipse, TBH.

I picked up the Ankh Morpork board game because I’ve been listening to Discworld audiobooks lately. It looks interesting and fairly simple, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Martin Wallace designed it, which is exciting for me.

Other than that, I’ve been playing lots of Tichu with various groups of people. It’s a lovely game, but the swingy-ness is starting to get to me. I kind of want to impose a “max run size” rule. 10 card runs don’t seem that uncommon, yet it’s extremely rare that anyone can climb them, and if the player has any board control cards in hand after the run (an ace or the dragon), they’re nearly guaranteed victory. Those just seem like unexciting hands… unless someone has a bomb. I like how short hands are in the game, but I’m starting to grow weary of the number of uncontestable Tichus per game.

Space Hulk, Battles of Westeros(really loving this!), Mage Knight when I have 2.5-3 hours and noone around. Eldritch Horror, but it’s hard to wrangle people into that one, Wrath of Ashardalon for dungeon crawling, Lords of Waterdeep for something light.

Ankh Mopork is a lot of fun. One of the guys in our gaming group has it and I’ve enjoyed every game we’ve played of it…of course, I lose at it constantly because there’s a lot of bluffing, and memorization skills are required if you want to figure out who has what card. But even when I lose I enjoy it, so that’s saying something.

My most recent game was also Pathfinder. Started the campaign with my two sons and having a good time. I ordered a few new games today: Eight Minute Empire, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, and Valley of the Kings. Will report back on how those turn out.

Stuff I’ve played recently…

At home: Lords of Waterdeep - My wife requested this one last time we played, because she enjoys the worker placement games we’ve played. Was a close game too, but I ended up winning by 8 points. I think if she hadn’t been playing the builder, she might have gotten me.

At game group:

Betrayal at the House on the Hill - Glad to see this one come back in stock. The game was a little scattered (some new folks mixed with some that have played 1,000 times), but I always enjoy it.

Fury of Dracula - My first time, so I was a little lost at first, but it was a good learning game. I apparently was very lucky and drew two stake cards within the first few turns and then ended up being Dracula’s target in round 3 or 4. Dracula ended up limping back to his castle with 5 health. Fun times.

Ladies and Gentlemen - I had heard of this before, but it was way more complicated than I thought it would be. I ended up playing a husband, so my job was a little less difficult, but I generally don’t like real time competitive mechanics, which is mainly what husbands do. I always ended up going 4th or 5th except on the last turn when I lucked out with a 2. I still don’t quite get how the scores are determined, but I probably won’t play it again anyway.

And lastly…

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures - I’ve been playing the core set solo a bit, and liked it enough that I thought I’d go a little deeper, but I haven’t been able to find anyone at the store who plays it (apparently everyone mainly plays 40k which I have no interest in). As luck would have it, there were two people playing on my board game night, so I got to talking with one of them and he showed me the ropes, while letting me build lists out of his collection. He’d also been talking to another new player who’d gone rebel, so I stuck with some Imperial squads built around Vader. My first game against rebel new guy went really long, and I ended up losing. Before playing the second game, I read up on some basic strategies and won pretty quickly after making a few minor mods to my list.

My third game was against the guy who’d been teaching me, and at first it looked just like I expected…I lost Vader in the first round because I made a fairly rookie mistake. But I stuck with it and about mid-game the whole thing turned around and I won. It was a ton of fun, and really great to see how quickly just a few well-played rounds could make a huge difference.

I’m a little wary because after looking at how much it would cost just to get one of everything and how much FFG was releasing per year, I felt like I was standing at the edge of some monetary cliff, especially given that a lot of players end up buying multiples of a lot of the ships. But it was a lot of fun, and the ships do look cool and honestly feel like a good value when you look at each expansion individually. So I’ll probably be dipping my toe in. Ok, maybe a leg…the water’s pretty warm. Alright, up to my waist, but that’s as far as I’m going and I mean it!

Legendary- wanted to find something that could be played more quickly then Sentinels solo but was still comic themed and thus far three solo games in I am pretty happy with it. Will be interesting to see how it plays with my gaming group whenever it gets back together again.

Star Realms- not so patiently waiting for the ios app but enjoy it every time I get a chance to play. Very easy to teach others which is great and want to pick up another copy soon so I can play it four players.

…or you can find a copy. Star Realms is sold out in most places. Amazon has copies available from someone who’s selling them for 70 bucks a copy. I’m sure it will be back in stock soon though.

Very soon apparently.

That reminds me, I’ve also been playing a good bit of Star Realms digital. It’s been a great little filler game. Even sprung for the full version.

According to Facebook posts by them they just received their shipment of the new printing and they should be put in the wild soon.

Excellent. It really surprised me as I’m not usually a fan of card dueling games like that. At least not ones that don’t incorporate a little something extra (like Small Box Games Omen).