Boardgaming 2021: minis are back, baby!

I hated that topic name all year and none of you made a new thread yet so consider this my revenge

Anywho, Wingspan Oceania is fucking awesome but the way it’s packaged is stupid. The tray doesn’t hold all the cards now. 3D printing to the rescue.


Got a link to the STL?

In keeping with the thread title, I’m looking forward to having Glorantha: The Gods War delivered later this year!

Looking forward to getting my fixed spiderlady mini when that delivers.

(And the new expansion content. Maybe I’ll even be able to figure out how to store it!)

Those are maxis.

I forgot about Gods War. I will almost certainly never be in a position to own it, despite my Official Glorantha Superfan status, but I see there is a TTS module. Perhaps we can do some kind of forum play?

Here is an interesting recent video on dogfighting in Skies Above Britain, based on Skies Above the Reich, which we’ve been talking about recently in the Grognard Wargamer Thread. Looks very cool, and I am very tempted to order.

Well after the dry spell of 2020. My 2019 Kickstarters are starting to show up. Kanban EV and Anachrony expansion this week.
Look at the size of this thing.

Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down by Grey Fox Games
Great Wall
Coming soon.

Great Googly-Moogly! That is like the Ford Expedition of board games.

My copy of HEXplore It Vol 3: The Sands of Shurax came in two days ago. I don’t even have the heart to unbox it. I miss seeing my friends :(

I decanted the hero stuff into the Hero Chest I got along with it, and decanted the expansion into the core box, but have not otherwise messed with it. It’s soloable, so maybe one of these days.

There’s a depressive joke to be made here about masturbation vs. sex, but I can’t even muster the energy for that today, alas.

Yeah, I spent 5 hours on Sunday getting my Anachrony stuff counted, organized, and integrated into the new Infinity Box. There’s a 6 page manual for the box.

I also am anticipating Kanban EV (with Lisboa and The Gallerist) and Legacies.

Can’t wait for Legacies.

Quick question where in the rules for Anachrony does it tell you to replace the 2 path starter boards and the chronobot board? I couldn’t find it, but they obviously changed them.

I ended up having to go to bgg for clarification.

The tray instructions actually talk about optionally keeping the stuff for the old chronobot, but the path boards are a straight replacement.

I got mine a couple weeks back. I was hoping to get it set up for a solo run last week when I had a few extra days off, but it didn’t happen. I’ve at least read the rules now, though!

I’m bummed I couldn’t get the Hero Chest. It wasn’t in the store when I pre-ordered, and I found out later you had to email them directly… after it was already sold out. Ah, well.

Received Gugong and the expansion for Christmas. Wasn’t expecting to get to play it for a while, but it turns out it has an automa system, so I’ve started a solo game. Hoo boy there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of when a solo game is also your first game.

I was a bit confused that those instructions are like “if you have these old components, here’s where you can put them if you want”…and then included them in the Infinity Box. Why include outdated components in a new printing?

You are not wrong, but Gugong is really great. I haven’t tried the solo yet but have read through it.

Yeah, it’s not the game that’s at fault, it’s just that I have to keep track of both what I can do as a player and then the different rules for the same spaces for the automa, and then there’s an entirely new phase, and then there are “special” automa cards that have yet another set of different rules. All while trying to learn the unfamiliar symbology. Would definitely be easier to learn as an ordinary multiplayer game, then do the solo once familiar.

Play it via discord!