Boardgaming 2021: minis are back, baby!

So they reprinted Spartacus to detach it from licensing the show, and renamed it from “Blood and Sand” to “Blood and Treachery” ?

In this case where the reprint sucks over the original

They changed the graphic on the game box to remove the late Andy Whitfield (and anything else from the TV show), but per this 9-year old video it looks like it was always subtitled Blood and Treachery. Or at least was on first print in 2012.

The rules for the 2nd edition are apparently the same as those for the first edition, along with similar components that have just been reskinned without the TV tie-in.

When I got the game, I was skeptical. “How good could a game based on the show be?”

Oh how wrong I was. It is one of my favorite games.

Last night my gaming group hit a new level of suck: We lost Pandemic on the first cycle through player order.

It was a perfect storm of suck. The first card off the player deck was an Epidemic, and that first cards off the reshuffled Infect deck were the ones that had 3 cubes from the setup. During setup, those were pretty much already grouped near each other. The chain reaction was epic.

After two years, Maracaibo finally made it to the table and it did not disappoint.

Being a huge Pfister fan, I think it, again, throws a bunch of interesting mechanics together that should not work as well as they do. I love it. I started the solo campaign and had a lot of fun through several of the games until, as usual, something distracted me and I have not gotten back.

Right?! It has elements of GWT and Mombassa and yet is still different enough from both. Haven’t even looked at the campaign stuff but am interested to see what it changes.

What are people’s thoughts on Mythic Games? I’m always tempted to purchase one but then hear that the rules aren’t great or name your reason. That said, their Ubisoft Siege 6 looks really fun.

Pretty sure there’s a tts mod for siege if you want to try it out first. Their rulebooks can be pretty bad, though it seems like they are making an effort to fix that. The Batman game has a notoriously hard to read rulebook and they recently commissioned Paul Grogan to rewrite it from scratch for an upcoming expansion. Not sure who is writing the rules for Siege.

Edit: oh wait, I’m thinking of monolith, because they make the mythic battles games. Damn it. Ok forget what I said.

No worries Mike.
Mythic Games made, most recently, Solomon Kane. They also did Fantasy Brawl and Reich Busters.

I’m so late listening to this, but I finally listened to the Root segment of the recent QT3 board games podcast, and I wanted to say that @Vesper ’s “no cheetos, no doritos” gaming table rule at the ‘Goat is brilliant. Even Cool Ranch is not safe!

New games:

Uno is a “Minimalista” version.

Monopoly/D&D - that’s almost an oxymoron?

How are those Lawyer Up games? Are the scenarios very replayable?

Just seeing the Lawyer Up box reminds me of this game:

So I played Martians: A Story of Civilization for the first time today, co-op mode with 3 players. 3 comments:

1)The rule book for this game is terrible, even with a 2nd edition rulebook, and an unofficial rulebook from BGG. I watched a Rahdo video and even Rahdo was confused. Learning this game (our group basically self-taught it) was just brutal.

2)I am not convinced every mechanic and design choice made sense. In particular, the combination of worker placement and “time units” to add an action selection element was more complex than similar hybrids like Kanban and Trickerion. I feel like Martians made itself as heavy as those two heavy games without generating the same level of awesomely deep strategy that makes Kanban very good and Trickerion supremely excellent.

3)That said, there were plenty of good ideas and interesting gameplay in the game. Despite my caveats I enjoyed it and would play it again. My group is planning on trying the semi-competitive mode next.

Interesting thread on the plight of board game designers with products stranded on the wrong side of the Pacific.

Why the price increase for shipping?