Boardgaming 2022: the year of "point salad really isn't very filling"

I just picked up a copy of Spirit Isle back during the prime day sales. I’m hoping to break out some solo learning games this weekend. I always say that though but when the time comes to put the rubber to the road I’m just too drained to do anything that involving. I really need to break out of this rut. Especially because I got a little stupid during the Nerdz Day sales and totally broke my vow to not buy new games aww shit I guess SI broke that rule too and that copy of Black Plague OMG I have a problem ;-)

I have that problem all the time. Too tired to get everything out after work, and even more difficult to learn a new game. Wish I had more space to just leave something out for days/weeks.

I’ve started playing more digital versions of games, including spirit island, and that has helped.

I constantly set up games, even on the weekends, and then when I look at the rule books, I just decide, no, back to easier, smaller games. Just seems like a waste of time to spend so much time learning new games when I could be doing a lot of other things with that time…but then, I keep buying them. Had Stars of Akarios on my table for a hot minute, now it’s Kanban EV. I need to stick to video games.

I’ve been on a BoardGameTables kick. On Tour, Bites, Kabuto Sumo, and Bear Raid are all solid in different ways. My eight-year-old is enamored with the bug wrestling one; only partially because she thinks she wants to be an entomologist when she grows up.

The one I’m most excited about is My Father’s Work, which some folks here have already been playing. Apps always make me wary even though I’m not opposed to them in principle, so it was a relief to see that this one takes a fairly light hand. Undo button, only occasional narration, and fairly light requirements. Our first play was a hoot. We ruined our village because we were the worst visiting university professors of all time. Can’t wait to give it another shot.

I’m sure people here have seen it, but if not Skybound is selling the deluxe version of Wonderland Wars with the poker chips. It’s been getting good reviews. I debated and finally broke down and picked it up. shipped out today. If you do decide to pull the trigger use SKY15 for a discount.

Wowsers Heroscape is coming back!

Whoa. Love that game. Still have a bin full of my stuff somewhere around here. Just read that the figs will be unpainted this time, though. Ah, well.

That’s pretty exciting. I never got a chance to play it. By the time I heard that it was actually a great game, the sets were disappearing from store shelves.

It is a pretty great game, though I am sure mechnically will undergo a little updating.

It’s great for kids - there is a simple mode and a normal mode, though even the normal mode is pretty easy, rules wise and presents decent tactical opportunities. The kids go nuts for the terrain and figures and it looks sensational on the table.

Now I’m not saying I was entirely responsible for that, but I collected a LOT of heroscape around that time. To be fair, mostly from ebay after it had become too hard to find elsewhere.

I had (some of) it out a few weeks back when the family was in covid isolation:

Big worry for HS in 2022 and beyond, I think, will be cost. I look at HeroQuest in retail at the moment at $250 and can’t help there is a LOT of nostalgia baked into that price point - it’s got to be at least double what the original was on shelves for, price corrected. And they are everywhere. I will not be surprised to see at least 50% off stickers on many of those over then next few years.

Heroscape also contains a lot of bulky plastic, so if they can’t keep costs reasonable and price accordingly, I think appeal will be limited to the hardcore heroscapers only. Though to be fair, maybe that will be enough for commercial success.

Haha, this was an awesome fight too! Thanos going toe to toe with Hulk for the whole damn show!

Anything super exciting from Gencon?
I remember when FFG would suprise us with a new cool game unexpectedly.

A friend actually got a copy of the new Twilight Imperium Roll & Write. Says it’s absurd, but pretty good. I’m looking forward to him getting back and trying it out.

What is this? I am out of touch apparently.


Plays 1-8 players. Each player gets several (dry-erase!) pages to roll and write on. Oversized dice! 24 Factions. It’s just so over-the-top.

I think official release is September. Gen Con had 50 copies a day or something. My friend works for a game company, so got in line early as a vendor.

So it’s a breezy 2 hour game, then?

(Haha, that was a joke, but then I looked it up and it’s true!)

Of course it’s true! Why would they lie?

I don’t know how many times I’ve picked up a copy of Twilight Imperium, turned it over ruefully in my hands while thinking “maybe …” but then always putting it right back in the shelf. I love the thought of it but it just wouldn’t get played at my house.

All mostly unpacked now, and all intact!

If you are having to move boardgames (or move at all really), I cannot recommend mover’s cling-wrap (on one of those hand-roller come-alongs) highly enough. My strategy of pulling out drawers from the Too Many Bones trove chest and wrapping them and boxing them outside the trove chest worked great. Also used it to the same purpose for my Eldritch Horror hold-em-all organizer crate. Also used it for any game that had even a hint of potential future lid lift.

And while getting all that cling wrap off of stuff was a hassle for unpacking (some things I think I wrapped as if expecting my stuff to travel cross country on a Conestoga Wagon in 1881), everything came through like a champ, so job done.

I knew abou that one, it got leaked a few months ago. Looking forward to hearing more about it.
That said do, I really want to play a 2 hour roll and write? Maybe??
I can play a 6 player TI4 game in 5 hours which is less than an hour a player.

I canceled my Moonrakers pledge today, and spent the money on

Viticultre + Tuscany
Maquis (solo game)
The Guild of Merchant Explorers

I had/have a deep desire for Moonrakers, but felt that 1) I got caught in FOMO 2) The parent company was abnormally good at marketing 3) The nature of Moonrakers meant I wasn’t going to get it played frequently.

Will be fun when I get a box of these new games! Hopefully I can get Moonrakers in the future.