Boardgaming in 2017!


We played the first adventure of Gloomhaven the other night and failed. First time any of us had played, so it was more of a learning experience. Really cool setup.


Still waiting for my Gloomhaven to ship. 😢


Last weekend, I saw a game of Dale of Merchants played without knowing any of the rules. Delightful and insane sounds like a good way to describe people collecting cute pandas and groaning about tasters. I’ve played several deck builders and I didn’t have a clue about what was going on.

Looked like fun though.


My personal favorite Deckbuilder is Codex which uses deckbuilding to simulate RTS mechanics. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked enough about it here (one of my all time favorite games!) but I really wish it had made more of a splash.

I think it’s by far the best co-op deckbuilder I’ve played. There’s a ton of co-op deckbuilders that have pretty unexciting card powers and uninteresting cooperative decisions. Aeon’s End has lots of fun combos between cards and character abilities to discover as well as often tense decisions for how to resolve events.


I really need to pick this up at some point, if only the complete version wasn’t so expensive! I really enjoy David Sirlin’s approach to game design.


Yeah, I strongly suspect the price is a big part of why it isn’t more widespread. That and Sirlin’s personal reputation as a bit of an asshole.


There’s no shame in playing the first few scenarios on the easier difficulty. The rewards aren’t drastically different than the normal level and it’ll give you a chance to learn how it works.

I’d also advise putting some thought into your choice of personal goals as some are much harder than others! Assuming the rules allow you to choose between two. That’s how we played it but we might’ve houseruled that in.


I’m pretty sure you get to pick between the two! I’m trying to consider how I want to proceed. I might do a solo run for recording or play with a friend or two.

I really dig this game.


Yeah, it’s a choice between two personal goals. And a choice between two battle goals, each scenario, also.


I just got an email that they have a 50% off sale on their website (with coupon CRAZY50) until the 28th, which gets the deluxe set down to like 110. That said, I’d strongly encourage getting just the core set. It’s only $50 and I played about 30 games of it before getting into any other colors. Plus, if you get all the colors separately, it’s only $130 and you’re only short some binders. And if you really want to binders you can buy them as well and the total goes up to $170 which is still $50 cheaper than the deluxe set. I’m honestly not sure why anyone would get the deluxe set, it seems like a pretty bad deal to me.


Does the Codex core set support 4 players? Is it good with 4 players, or is it really meant for 2 players?


The Codex core set does not support 4 players. I haven’t played the 4 player mode. It’s a 2v2 setup that sounds really interesting but I think would up the complexity quite a bit as well so I find it intimidating. I would imagine it’s a good experience with 4 people who’ve played Codex a bunch already. I’m hoping to try it, but my Codex playing friends are split across gaming groups and haven’t all been together for it to make sense yet.


Cool, thanks for clarifying. I enjoy auction mechanics in theory, but then often find that in a game I’m terrible at estimating the value others place on things. Which makes me terrible at auctions.


Welp, Aeon’s End was $25 on Coolstuff’s pre-Black Friday sale, so I grabbed it for solitaire play. I’d be more interested in Codex if I didn’t have to draft a friend into the deck-building.



Codex is a fine game indeed, but its a little over-designed IMO. I like the deckbuilding system in the game, and it really does feel like you’re playing an abstraction of an RTS game. However, I think it has a few too many rules (for example, the whole “heroes system”) that make it more complicated than it has to be.

To be honest though, I think many modern board games are over-designed in some way or another. Many designers (especially kickstarter game designers) just don’t cut enough chaff from their game systems.


Played Chaos in the Old World for the first time last night and I enjoyed it a fair amount. In terms of the multi-sided aggro and shafting other players combined with map control, it seems a bit similar to Blood Rage. Overall, I’d say the mechanics in Blood Rage are superior but one positive for CitOW is that it uses the Warhammer theme quite well. For example, you get to shout “Blood for the Blood God!” multiple times in any given game.


I think you might enjoy charterstone. It starts out kind of simple but at least when you finish you can continue playing the game. Unlike Pandemic. The mechanics seemed okay, but I just wasn’t in love with it enough to purchase. I’m kind of burnt out on Legacy games at the moment.


That makes sense. I agree a lot of hobby games nowadays seem to value elegance a lot less than hobby games did a decade ago. I tend to prefer games with a little rough around the edges designs, especially if that roughness is hiding some exciting interactions, so this has mostly been a good thing for me. I’d put the “Flying” keyword up there too. It matches RTS design well, but is quite confusing in the card game context, however it does lead to some pretty neat counter-counter-counter strategies that make it worthwhile for me.


I’d love to hear what you think of Aeon’s End solo! I’ve never tried it myself. I’ve heard it’s quite challenging. Might be worth playing two hands if it ends up feeling impossible.

For Codex, I just want to clarify you don’t have to do any building of decks before the game begins. There’s advanced rules for building a set of cards to play from, but I’m 50 games in and haven’t felt the need to explore that part of the game yet. It works great with pre-built mono-color sets.


Got my copy of Twilight Imperium 4th edition today, my local guy gave me 30% off so it ended up at around $112, which is a fantastic price near as I can tell. Local stores are still the best.

Now, I have some light reading ahead of me this weekend…