Boardgaming in 2017!


Gloomhaven is coming finally! Just in time for my weekend out of town in Texas but at least it’s coming!


When the expansions come out you can play with more people, but that doesn’t address your comment about 2-player. We have not played it with 2 player, but i think it can be easily done. The biggest concern would be both players can turtle if no one is playing the Klingons (who get culture point for winning a battle). The rules designate table size/space to encourage interaction.


Well, it’s always been coming.


I certainly had my doubts!


Fair enough. Just coming off a two month delay in getting my preorder of Robinson Crusoe I can understand the…doubt.


I finally, finally have scraped together the cash to order a copy of the second edition of my favorite game of all time, War of the Ring. It’ll be here tomorrow. I’m told the balance has been fixed so that it’s better than the first one, too. So excited!


I thought they made an upgrade kit for the War of the Rings edition 1(not sure if you already owned the first edition).


Man I’d love to have an opponent with the time & desire to play this one.


They did make an upgrade kit, but I found it tough to get a hold of when I looked for it. I decided to just go with the whole shebang.

rowe33- Hey, you do, it’s me! Just swing on over to St. Louis :)

Failing that, I believe there is a way to play it online…


It’s a fun enough mystery game. The main problem my group had with it was that often you weren’t sure if you had enough evidence to go to the solution. A couple times we swore there were still more clues but then after going to the solution found out we had all we needed a while ago. The phrase, “That’s enough for a murder conviction? Really?” was uttered multiple times.

That said, 2 things that will make the game more fun:

  • Ignore the score, and definitely ignore trying to beat Holmes’ bullshit score. Often you’ll start a case with multiple leads, none of which are more obviously substantial than the others, but only one leads to the solution path. Holmes’ score always has him guess right every time. Just ignore fastest possible paths and have fun with the investigating and interview scenes.

  • Skip The Mystified Murderess case. It is the universal opinion of everyone who has ever played this that it is by far the worst case with a total B.S. solution that defies any sort of logical deduction.


Have any Eldritch Horror players tried the new Dreamlands expansion?

I’m wondering if it added anything interesting or if it’s just more of the typical sideboard bloat from the big box expansions.


Good tips IT. Although I believe McMaster has the new version with new mysteries from Asmodee.


I know there was a real old version (80s) and a recently redone version. Have they released a 3rd new version?


Think the new release was yesterday but Iw as out of town -


Oh, yeah that’s totally a new thing.

Still, screw The Mystified Murderess case!


I have it, but I haven’t really delved into it because I need to get off my butt and finish making an organiser for the whole bloody game so I can make it playable. From what I can tell, it is basically along the same vein as the other big box expansions - more investigators, 2 Ancient Ones, an adventure deck, too many unique asset cards, specialised condition cards etc. More bloat, but too early for me to say if it did add anything unfortunately.

I’ll keep you message in mind next time I put it onto the table and do a dreamlands run, the only thing holding me back is making two more organisers for the games, and especially one to organise all of the smaller cards to be a little more manageable. The Unique Assets deck for instance is just too unwieldy, and I don’t understand the decision to create that deck on top of an artefacts deck plus a normal assets deck.


Well all the side board things for EH are optional and come with just “more stuff” though you’re certainly paying a premium for said board at the end of the day if you aren’t really interested in it.


That didn’t take long.


Not surprised, how did I forget Talisman on my worst games of all time list?

Now please reprint Eric Lang’s Chaos in the Old World and a proper version of WHFRP!


Pretty sure Chaos in the Old World will never come back because it was originated by Fantasy Flight, so GW wouldn’t be able to reprint it without them.