Boardgaming in 2017!


My group typically seems me just me. One is the loneliness number and all that! ;)

But I do enjoy interesting solo challenges and if the only hidden info is keeping played hands hands private, it’s not so bad. I’ll keep an eye on this as it becomes available locally and see how the community reacts to solo play.


My group is a pretty stable 4-6 people, plus a few more that come and go. Seafall and pandemic: Legacy were both a bit of a pain in that they had to have the same set of players every week. Risk: Legacy, less so, and Kingdom Death, it really doesn’t matter- characters die so often, no one can get attached, heh. The idea that the set can run with a varied group of players, and even with multiple ‘teams’ is good, but how does that happen with the stickers and whatnot?

But, like I said, KD:M still has a lot of content to go through- we’re just over halfway through our first campaign, and I think I’ve only used one monster from the expansion content (I was in on the original KS for everything except the pinups). I own it all, but ironically my friends like it more that I do. I mean, it’s fun and entertaining, but as I’ve said before, I don’t consider it a good game. Brookhaven actually looks like it might be ‘good’. Hmm.


It’s a persistent shared world, each group is progressing the world in parallel, and sharing the changes that happen.


Huh. wacky. I’m even more intrigued, but also a bit skeptical.

Keep the reports coming, if y’all can. Amazon doesn’t generally charge until they’re ready to ship, and right now they’re saying March 1st, so I have a bit to make up my mind.

I don’t care too much about spoilers, but others probably do, so you probably keep those to a minimum.


I can say that I do boardgaming once a week (or so, we don’t hit every week because things come up) and usually it’s not a problem to wait for the next session, and usually I’ll rotate games at least a little to keep things fresh. I’m having a hard time waiting for next Wednesday to play more Gloomhaven, and that is definitely the game on the agenda for that next session.


Can we make it happen again?


Hey man, I’d love to, but I’m 2000 miles away. A bit far to drive out for game night ;)


Wait, does this mean you’re not going to host a BSG game night at our place in LA??


Phew. Saves me a 2000$ flight!


Lol I meant getting Tom to play again ;)
But come on out and join us. Now if I could just find someone to LED mod my ships!


oh, hey, another question about GH. How long did all that take? I understand it was your first time, possibly rules explanation, etc. But ballpark figure, does it seem like a 1-scenario-per-night sort of thing?


The box says 30 minutes per player. I think it took about twice that (3 hours or so) but there was a non-trivial amount of startup between organizing components and getting characters etc going (plus retreads of parts of the rules) that shouldn’t be necessary most nights, as well as a learning curve on the combat. So it might look closer to the box estimate when that stuff is out of the way. (there was also a solid hour of cardboard punching but I did that the night before).


I am so looking forward to all the punching and organizing!! Hoping it magically appeares tonight without a tracking number.


It never rains but it pours, apparently. I just got my addon copies of the KS versions of Vinhos Deluxe and The Gallerist from my Lisboa pledge. (For US backers they had a deal where if you paid for the addons by the end of the year - or something like that - you’d get them shipped free ahead of the actual KS rewards.) Really itching to try out Vinhos also, but I think it is going to have to take a backseat to Gloomhaven.

My main complaint is that they used fucking packing peanuts to cushion the games. They are SUCH a pain to dispose of (my apartment won’t let me just chuck the box full of peanuts in the dumpster - I tried and got in trouble once), and literally every other packing material is better. :(


I got Star Wars Rebellion for Christmas, and it’s sitting on my side desk, unopened. Because I have no one to play it with. And I want my kids to not break or chew the minis. It joins a great many other unopened games on the pile, like SW Armada, SW X-Wing, and other non-SW games.


Where do you live that you can’t find anyone to play with? Or is it a matter of free time?

Ah, well, that partly answers it. :)



I for one volunteer to help you with this problem!


Thanks! I’m in Irvine. It’s some free time, but also I’m not too fond of using Meetup or the local comic book store to play with strangers. I did an X-Wing play there once, and it was…yeah. Years ago I’d play regularly with coworkers and friends.

Keeping them shrink-wrapped just means the kids can’t open the boxes and destroy/lose components. All my opened games are stored in the garage, where they’re scared to go. ;)


Those X-Wing guys can be quite competitive. You’d probably have better luck with regular board games.


Aww, too bad you’re not closer to Torrance. Would love to play a Rebellion campaign!