Boardgaming in 2017!


That’s impressive work. I always love seeing those, though I would never attempt one myself.


Full disclosure i didnt do this. I had a friend do it and i just kind of watched so i could do the next one.


I have played Lisboa once and it was pretty mindblowing. I imagine if you play it regularly it would get faster but, well, we have yet to do so.


I got to play my first game of meatspace Twilight Struggle over the weekend. It was a really great game that took us a little under six hours – we had both only played the app version beforehand, and we were both a little rusty, so we spent a lot of time thinking about every action. We went all the way to final scoring, and my opponent (USSR) won with just 4 points.

It was such a great game. My opponent realigned me out of South Africa early on, which made it really difficult to do anything in Africa for the rest of the game. We were actually fighting over Europe for most of the last turns – At some point, I realized he only controlled East Germany and Poland, so I got a little brave and just tried to control Europe to sneak a win. But I just couldn’t break in to either country solidly. I even had Tear Down This Wall – the influence removal in East Germany set him up for a blowout, and then I rolled ones on all three realignment rolls against his fives and sixes.

A general thought about playing in real life vs the app – I never realized how much the app version lets you fudge knowing the rules. I never actually understood how coups and realignments worked – I just always would preview the action, see my probability, and make decisions that way. Same with scoring, actually. After this weekend, I now know how they all work.


Looks amazing!

I’ve just started buying in to Armada (how deep does this hole get?) and am already making plans for painting up the squadrons. 🙂


Grab a pick axe and a lantern.
Find someone who likes to play and then one of you buy rebel ships the other imperial. You can always play their ships and visa versa. Or… Look on Ebay for lots. Don’t buy individual ships (on Ebay), but you can find some good deals there. Also unless you’re playing competitively you can play the base set with squadrons and be happy for a bit. I’d tell you the rogues and scoundrels pack is a must. Just a lot of good fighters and ships there. I really like the Imperial Star Destroyer. See previous picture. and the Interdictor.


I posted this in the Kickstarter thread, but may be more appropriate here. The reviews have it as a light filler game.

From the guy who gave us The Darkest Dungeon.


My pick axe has already lost its showroom shine. Purchases already enroute as follows:

Home One
Rogues and Villains
Extra dice

Meanwhile I’m eyeing up the Gladiator, Raider, MC30, and an extra Nebulon B and CR90.

Buying lots on ebay is challenging as shipping to NZ isn’t cheap. Sadly a local put his collection for sale a few days after I made my first orders. To be fair I’m not sure I could have slipped that one past the wife (think it was about US$350).


Sorry. I didn’t realize you were in New Zealand. I am by no means an expert at this game so please take what I say with a grain of salt and just one opinion. Do have a side you like to play more as? If so, start there. If not, and you’re going to add more ships:

Victory Class SD gives you Motti and some great cards. It’s old enough now in the cycle you can probably find a good deal on this ship.

The CR90 is a work horse for the rebels so always a good ship to have another copy of.

Gladiator is out of the meta at the moment and can be killed before it can get in range if you’re not careful, but when it hits it hits hard.

I love the Interdictor. The ability to slow or speed up an enemy ship can be really devastating to your opponents plans. They have good shields, weapons, hull and engineering.

Look at the Imperial Cruiser. It’s got some good fire power and will survive better than a raider although there are some really nasty things you can do with a raider if you can survive long enough to get past fighters and close to a ship.

If you want an ISD for the rebels look at the Phoenix One. You need two of them to fly together, but they’ll match up against and ISD well and phoenix one gives some good card.

Hammerhead and Imperial Carrier just came out and add some interesting new cards that use 2 slots but let you board enemy ships and do some damage. I have them but haven’t gotten to try them.

FFG just updated the FAQ on the game a few weeks ago and nerfed a lot of the ships. Does it matter for playing with your friends? No, but in case you decide to play at a local game spot just beware so you don’t show up with a nerfed fleet.

Finally there are the assault carrier and rebel transports. They used be a great way to duck and weave with your admiral. Just throw them in one of those and fly circles around every ship. I thought it was kind of dumb, but I get it. Well that got nerfed in the update so now they’re a little more in check. The ships have a specific support use. So unless you have a build that focuses on augmenting your other ships, right now I would say hold off on them.

Now I just wish you were closer, so we could play.


Way too many kickstarters happening or starting soon that I am too tempted to buy:

7th Continent.
Gloom of Kilforth
Fireteam Zero
Too Many Bones undertow

Have 7 KS games coming in the next 4 months…need to stooooooooooooooop


Great info, thanks!

At this stage I’m only playing against my son with no ambitions to ever play competitively (my competitive dollars are being sunk into Star Wars Destiny!). As such I’m buying for both sides and am mainly focused on recognisable ships eg from the movies, or ones that look like they could be from the movies. Hence I have no plans to buy the Assault Frigate as it looks…well…ugly. 🙂

Future purchases will probably be directed to ships which play differently to the ones we already have eg the Raider as a fast, anti-squadron platform for the Imperials. Your post has given me more things to consider. Appreciated!


So I played in a 13 player game of MegaCiv on Saturday. It went 14 hours; I came in fourth. Partway through the game I told the host that I didn’t really care for MegaCiv as I felt the Calamities (especially the non-tradeable kind) were too random. His response was: “MegaCiv isn’t a game; it’s a Special Event.” (The capitals were implied.) I still feel the game is flawed but as an event, it was pretty awesome.

Side note from the fat & middle aged: 14 hours standing makes your feet hurt like Hell.


Very curious about 7th Continent. If anyone has played it, I’d love to hear thoughts.


I started a solo game to try it out but didn’t get a chance to go far. I really like what I saw though. Very much feels like a choose your own adventure book, like the Fighting Fantasy series back in the day.


Does anybody here play games online via I’ve been on there for quite a while and never thought to see if others use it to or if there is already a QT3 group setup.


I play seasons there…alot. i also play nippon and want to try maderia


I see that Scythe is on sale for $54 now…might pick it up. Hmmm. Although I’m not a fan of Armageddon: From the Ground Up, and it is giving me the same sort of vibe.


I also play seasons on it along with Carcassonne, Through the ages, Lords of Xidit, Tokaido and others.

I’m surprised more people on here don’t use it. It is mostly free, has a large selection of good boardgames, offers both real time and asynchronous play.

Are you Shieldwolf on BGA? We should get into a game of Seasons together sometime unless you are really good at it because I’m not.


Hit me up. I’m not very good, but I’ve played a lot.

So Mindclash is quickly becoming my new favorite company. Anachrony is really good. Trickerion what I’ve played of it is cool and now Cerebria. I can’t back it, but man I’m intrigued to see how it works.


I really shouldn’t buy that this month, it’s been tempting me for the last 24 hours or so though. Actually had it in my cart on the check-out screen on a break at work this morning before I backed out.