Boardgaming in 2017!


Hello @jsnell,

I’m pretty jealous you got to play John Company. It’s the upcoming game I can’t wait to get. I’m very happy to see it in your “liked it” catagory. Hopefully it won’t let me down.

Tom Mc


I don’t think this has been posted yet. This game Root on Kickstarter looks pretty neat.

It’s designed by Cole Wehrle who designed Pax Pamir and John Company and it’s published by the company that did Vast: The Crystal Caverns. It looks like a highly asymmetric 4-player combat game. In this designer diary, Cole says the game is inspired by the COIN series (but it sounds like his goal was to make a more accessible game in that style).

That’s pretty intriguing on its own, but the art is really selling me on the game. Worth a look for that alone.


How is Sidereal pronounced? Rhymes with cereal?


I don’t think this has been posted yet. This game Root on Kickstarter looks pretty neat.

I had seen that one. It looks very interesting.

Tom Mc


Hated Transatlantic? Why so? Mac Gerdst has been doing good work for a long time.

I’m in love with Time of Crisis right now, which is an elegant four-player game of military and political squabbling in the years before Diocletian came to power, with just the right amount of chaos and a really ingenious take on deck-building. (At the end of your turn, you refill your hand with any cards you want from your deck, but you have to go through your entire deck before you can reuse the cards in your discard pile.)


Anyone else play Shadespire yet? I played a bunch of games of it last weekend, and I’m eager to play it again soon! Its one of the most well-designed “arena combat” games I’ve ever played, and delivers a satisfying miniatures combat experience in a short play time. One thing that surprised me is how many layers of depth the game has with a relatively simple ruleset. That said, like many miniatures games, the dice can certainly impact who wins or loses, but the game is designed to be played in a “best out of three” format for formal play, which should make it a really fun tournament game. Also, the components and miniatures are incredible for the price!


No, but I really like what I’ve seen. This might be my Christmas present.


I watched some videos and saw Shadespire played at a local store. It looks solid and I have my own copy now. The initial expansion war bands (Orc and Undead) come out this weekend. The next set of items won’t be until 2018.


Kind of fun: the folks who are making The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 made a little video with Elijah Wood.


Ordered Scythe for $49 from Amazon today, cheapest I’ve seen it.


Scythe shows up as $46.23 for me!


Yeah, it started there but added tax for me. Still a good deal! I won a gift card at the office this week so I actually only paid $24!


This is going to be a great month, this month we are getting


My copy has cleared customs and is on its way here. 9.9 kilograms!


All I have heard is that Gloomhaven initial shipments have made it to the states. When mine will get here, who knows. Trying not to be anxious. I DO have other games in shrink I could open. :)


I just bought and awaiting the 2 core sets for Shadows of Brimstone…along with 3 other expansions.

And, awaiting Gloomhaven.

My poor soon to be neglected family.


Just got back from a long day of board gaming. Played a number of good games, including an excellent 5-player game of Eclipse + Rise of Ancients.

But the star of the day was a game I first purchased 38 years ago, and haven’t played for probably 36 or 37 years: old school, Avalon-Hill published-in-1979 Dune. Dune, folks, Dune.

It was echoes of my degenerate gamer friends and I 38 years ago playing D&D and Avalon Hill games in my basement-equivalent outdoor storage shed like those kids in Stranger Things.

As to the game itself, it’s a truly interesting design. A 1970s game published by Avalon Hill, with NO DICE. The only luck is some card draw but even the cards are largely skill based as you have to bid for the cards. Also, the game features some heavy asymmetrical factions, some brutal card combinations that can destroy a whole army (don’t play the Las-Gun with the Projectile Shield, don’t do it!), and a truly nasty “Traitor” mechanic with your leaders. It also features some elements that feel decades ahead of their time like a battle wheel ala Scythe, as well as playing cards during battle like Scythe or Blood Rage. At the same time that I admire the brilliance of the design, it’s also an anti-Euro design in many ways. The elbow throwing in the game can be savage and some of the mechanics can be incredibly abrupt and brutal. You can’t really call it elegant, but you can call it savage.

Bottom line: old school goodness. I loved it. 5 stars. (4 stars if you are not a child of the 70s or 80s.)


Winning Dune via Bene Gesserit prediction is the Best Feeling in Gaming.


Ha, very nicely put! Was it a long game? How’s the pacing? One of my reservations about those early classics is that they might be too drawn out.



Well I’m going to call it elegant AND savage.

By the way, ((USE A SHIELD))