Boardgaming in 2017!


Worth it! I look forward to joining the Gloomhaven forum game, which should last us for the next 10 years or so.


So you’re going to make them watch you play a solitaire game? :)

-Tom, also waiting on his Gloomhaven


Yep. The group is primarily composed of educators so we are a pretty patient and understanding bunch. :)


Just got my giant box of Gloomhaven! yay!!! Already reading the rules and anxious to play…


How is Sidereal pronounced? Rhymes with cereal?



For those with too much money, the Asmodee sale is pretty good:

Re: Dune

If you don’t mind being in a legal grey area, and doing all the production work yourself, there’s a print-and-play version of the game on BoardGameGeek.


Gloomhaven Wait Anxiety also engaged.


That Asmodee sale has both Eclipse and Conan for $50 each, for those wanting a big ole box for Christmas.


Hm, I put $25 worth of games in my cart, but it’s going to cost $17 to ship them. Mayyyybe not.


There’s a new version of Eclipse coming out in a few months. The same may be true of Conan for all I know.


A friend of mine is kickstarting a game he invented: “PokerChess” - which is exactly what it sounds like. if you want to sign up for the kickstarter notification list or check out the rules/ see some videos.

I haven’t played a game yet, though I have kind of analyzed the sample round video. As a chess player, and weak poker player I am really looking forward to playing this with my chess club friends (he’s mailing me a set tomorrow :) ).


Delivery notification received. Why is Oregon way over there?!


Yeah I’m pretty irked about that. I get it, but hoping they have an upgrade pack available.


Played New Angeles with a full contingent of 6 after seeing the forum game thread open up for it. It’s pretty awesome. But I’ll probably never play it again. It was SO LONG. We lost a player 4 hours in (!) just due to length and it took another hour after that to finish it. It was our first game and we’re all prone to a bit of AP and over negotiation, but I see on BGG that 4 hours is pretty typical so we weren’t far over.

Way too long, not worth it, but a good game nevertheless.


Ouch. I hope we’ll get it down under that.


At my gaming night this week, we played a bunch of Secret Hitler (definitely one of the best hidden roles games) and then a classic: The Big Idea.

Is anyone else here familiar with this game? It was a Cheapass Games release back in the early 00s, and I think it is easily their best game (Cheapass always had a lot of creativity, but a lot of their games never came together quite perfectly). There’s a new edition out with significantly different scoring, to make it more of a party game. That’s a great game for the family, but we play with the new edition cards following the old rules.

The idea is that you have a hand of cards that have either adjectives or nouns on them, you combine (typically) one of each, and that is your Product that you’re trying to sell to the other players. Then… you GIVE YOUR PITCH. Tell them why they need Mentholated Socks or an All-Purpose Doll (we know what you’re going to do with it…).

Our strongest pitch of the night was probably:


…Chocolate Pontiff.

So here’s the thing: After the pitches, everyone has to invest some of their limited Venture Capital in one of the new ideas at the table. All the ideas are functionally equivalent at this point–it’s only the pitch that affects whether you want to invest in it. There are advantages to investing where everyone else does–because the more investment a product has, the sooner and more profitably it’ll “go public” (earning all investors money and their VC back). There are also advantages to being the only one investing in something, because you can also pay to invest in products, but you have to pay all current investors. It’s nice to be the only or nearly only one investing in something when it finally goes, because each share you own multiplies your payout.

But it’s not really about the investing and the money (which is why the more boring party game voting system works fine). It’s about everyone being goofy selling their products.

Great game–one of my all-time favorites. If you haven’t played it, seek out the new edition, and then download the old rules.


Anyone going to Pax Unplugged in two weeks? I live in Philly and will be going Sunday (unfortunately that’s the only day I can make it).

I doubt I will be playing any games, since I only have one day. I want to spend most of the time checking out demos and talking to devs.

Gawd, I’d love it if they were selling Gloomhaven there. I regret not backing the second edition.


That actually looks kind of cool, I’ll be running a gauntlet of children’s birthday parties that weekend though.


Did anyone link this already?

It’s a small documentary about the history of Twilight Imperium.


Not really another edition, but there will be a Batman game based on the Conan mechanics. I don’t know a lot of the details, but I think the Kickstarter for it will be sometime in the next 3+ months. According to a FAQ I found it will be a Kickstarter exclusive as well.

Oh, and add me to the list of Gloomhaven waiters. I did get a shipping notice that looks like it will be here on 11/15. I’ve been thinking about building a foamcore insert for it while I waited, but all the plans I saw on BGG are 1st edition and I’m a bit concerned that the box dimensions will be slightly off because of the reinforced box. I also like to be able to double-check measurements with the materials as I go.