Boardgaming in 2017!


Oh shoot. I forgot about the temporary stickers. Where can I buy them? I really don’t like the idea of changing components (the reason why I missed the first Kickstarter). My copy is still on the way it would seem.


Whoa, I didn’t know this was a thing, and it’s Fantasy Flight too so should be good quality but will probably have a dozen expansions. Going to keep an eye on this one.


Sinister Fish Games is the only gone that I found for it. It’s the second printing most are waiting for, no ideas the difference.

They did a pre-order for them, which is closed now, but you can sign up for when they have them in stock. Working with this company has not been my favorite, but it looks like they will deliver.


I’m actually the most excited about this one - I love the mechanics (that we’ve been shown) and it looks like a ton of fun with lots of replayability.


Judging by this introduction to the game from Shux17, it looks ok. Not sure I’m super excited about it, as it also looks very fiddly:

If you like the post apocalyptic vault management aspect of Fallout (no questing or real char progression), I can whole heartedly recommend Outlive as an additional game to consider for your collection. We all love it chez Wendelius and friends.

See this write up from our first playthrough:


Hey cool, never heard of it! I’ll definitely check it out. Also been looking at Wasteland Express Courier Service for some fun post apocalyptic action, looks interesting.


Wasteland Express is good fun. I taught it twice this past weekend and everyone who played it loved it.

I personally like Merchants and Marauders better, but this is a close 2nd for me.


TI 4 Shipped today!


This month I’m receiving Kingdom Death, Gloomhaven (both already in, although no way I’m unpacking Gloomhaven until the organizer comes in) and TI4.

I’m out of space in my game storage room :P


You like your board games big! Would love to hear your thoughts on Kingdom Death once you’ve had a chance to explore it. I find that game fascinating and off-putting all at once.


Just received my removable stickers today. The Chinese tracking was way off, not sure it ever updated. Works for edition 1 and 2 which is great. Now I guess I better learn how to play!


I’m at Pax Unplugged with board gamer fan friends. I guess I’m a board gamer now…


I am honestly a little bit thrown off with all the many bits (most of them functionally the same). The custom insert I ordered might help, but right now I’m scared of bringing it up to my more-or-less-casual group in fear they will be thrown off by the craziness of plastic bags everywhere (I did punch it out to make sure I had no defective punch boards).

For all the talk about how elegant it is compared to other dungeon crawlers, it sure does feel fiddly :)


You don’t use the vast majority of those bits in a given game. And they are definitely not functionally the same. Well, except for the terrain pieces. That’s just cosmetics. But everything else plays a mechanical role. Storage is the game’s biggest issue, though, for sure.


No, but you have to look for the ones you are going to use under the mountain of unused ones.

Anyway, the Laserox insert will arrive next week, I think, and it looks like it will solve my issues with this. The insert the game comes with is a joke.


My copy of Gloomhaven arrived last Wednesday. Punched it out and I had two of the Inox standees and a wound token where one side fell off when punching (presumably no glue applied). I’m going to try gluing them myself before requesting replacements.

I’m not in a rush to get to playing the game (waiting until I can build a foamcore insert while reading the rules and prepping), so I’m debating at the moment whether I should try and get the reusable stickers when they come in stock. I find it really unlikely that I’ll play through the game twice, but I do have two kids that would likely be ready for it in a few years. Kind of wish there was a recharge pack similar to Charterstone.

Has anyone sleeved the game? I picked up the Mayday Gloomhaven sleeve set, which is enough to do the whole thing, but not sure if that’s really necessary. I read a sleeving guide over at BGG for it, but would be interested to hear what you all are doing.


The reusable sticker packs are a waste of money. I can understand wanting to maybe reset something like Pandemic Legacy, but in Gloomhaven you are literally just adding locations to the board and occasionally powering up ability cards a small amount. Would someone playing through a used Gloomhaven copy miss out slightly on the fun of populating the map? Perhaps. But it’s an extremely minor component of the game, and the real surprises are scenarios, events, and class unlocks, all of which can be trivially preserved for later players. And the ability card enhancements just make that class a little better going forward. If you’re an absolute purist, you could always sleeve the cards and put the enhancement stickers on the sleeve, or even just write the enhancement down and stick it in the sleeve on a scrap of paper or something.

I also wouldn’t bother sleeving most of the game as you’re almost never shuffling anything but the modifier decks and monster ability decks. But then, I have never bothered sleeving any of my games so I’m not the best person to ask.


I don’t mutilate any of my board games. I won’t rip them, mark them, bend them… I won’t do it. It is is not a waste of money if you care about those things. Clearly the people buying that pack care about those things. Thank you very much.


This is how I generally feel as well.


I was introduced to the concept of legacy versions of board games where the permanent rule changes etc. are part of the concept. I think that’s cool but not sure I’d buy into it.

But as I said, I’m still a newb here. Not a bad haul for first foray out into it, tho about 1/3rd are gifts:

Pax board game haul by Sam Posten III, on Flickr