Boardgaming in 2017!


Nice, congratulations on your new (not at all demanding of time or money) hobby! Wish I could have made it downtown this weekend, but too many family things this weekend.


@Kadath I was at Pax Unplugged today too. Managed to buy nothing, but was tempted many times.
You got quite the haul!


Yeah, I can’t bring myself to do it either. Even if it’s not mutilation but just permanently altering the game board, like this version of Risk one of my friends had, I can’t do it. Probably some kind of disorder or something, I get annoyed if a paperback book has its spine broken too.


Like, the entire purpose of this board is to place stickers on it. That’s all it does.


Yeah, I don’t get it either. I take great care not to damage any of my numerous board games but Gloomhaven is meant to be an evolving experience. I don’t tear up any cards that are supposed to be torn up after using, just set them aside. But I have no problem at all with the map stickers or any upgrades made to class abilities. You don’t really accumulate enough gold to make more than a few upgrades before you retire a character anyways.


If I want to keep my game as close to the status as it was when I took the shrink wrap off and after set-up but before play, why should anyone care enough to make comments on whether or not they think the rest of us wasted our money. It’s simply a choice, and I am not adding a permanent sticker to my board. That’s it. That’s all you have go “get.”


Ok, “that’s it” I suppose. If I want to comment about stickers on board games, I’ll go ahead and make comments about it. I don’t remember saying anything about wasting money but feel free to get offended I guess.


That would be malkav11 not you. Again, you can choose to not spend your money as you see fit, but if we’re talking about sleeving games and removable stickers, those exist for a reason. There really isn’t a need to say someone is wasting their money so much as just figure out what’s more important to them. For me, not having changes on my game and game components beyond basic set-up is important to me. I understand if it’s not to others, but I am not wasting my money simply because it’s not important to someone else. Whether it’s worth it or not is entirely dependent on how you view what a game should look like after years of play.


My point is that you don’t need to buy removable stickers in order to have basically the same experience on a replay, unlike the full on legacy games like Pandemic Legacy or similar. If you absolutely cannot abide using a game component for its one and only purpose, I mean, that’s your prerogative.

But even then there are campaign tracker apps or printable sheets that would do everything you need re: avoiding putting stickers on the board for basically no money.


In the immortal words of a certain droid, “I’m afraid our furry companion has gone and done something rather rash.” I saw this and couldn’t say no. Should be here right in time for the holidays. Needs a few modifications and an paint job, but I think it will do nicely.



Also want more time to get out and play.


Highlighting a book does not keep you from being able to read it again, yet there are lots of people (including myself) who don’t like to highlight books. So it’s easy for me to understand why people don’t like to permanently alter their boardgames.


So, here’s the thing. the post I was originally responding to referenced possibly buying removable stickers so their kids could maybe play Gloomhaven down the line. All I was saying is that you don’t need to make that purchase for that to be an option. Gloomhaven is not a legacy game in that sense. And even if you aren’t willing to use the provided components, there are other ways to track campaign progress using third party offerings that are cheaper or actively free that are worth a look first.

I completely understand people wanting to have the option of replaying a legacy-style game. I even understand not wanting to make permanent changes to your boardgame (although I think legacy games are probably not a great fit for people who feel that way because the permanent changes are a big part of the intended experience). I do think not wanting to stick stickers on a board that exists for the explicit and sole purpose of having stickers affixed to it is a particularly extreme manifestation of that sensibility but it isn’t my business or my copy of the game so y’all do you.


You posted it a few posts below my post celebrating that my removable stickers arrived which took place after a discussion about them even being available. And then you went from telling people who wanted them they were wasting their money to calling it an extreme manifestation of something you clearly do not comprehend of which the entire package is just a jerk thing to do on a board where we share our love of board games with each other.


Yes, replying to your message with “stickers are a waste of money” would have been a dick move. But that’s not what happened.

Gedd specifically opened this up for discussion by saying he was debating getting the sticker. And then malkav11 replied to that message, not to yours. That’s totally normal discussion, not an attack on you or your preferences. It can’t possibly be the case that we impose a moratorium on posting anything negative about an item that somebody here buys.


My understanding is that the stickers are more valuable for marking the cards for improvements (which you will need to take off if you want to restart). The map stickers are much less of an issue, for the reasons mentioned, but the stickers that go onto the card would need to be reset.


I think it’s possible to say you don’t think the stickers are needed for a game without saying anyone who buys it wasted their money and exhibits some sort of extreme manifestation because you don’t feel the same way they do.


I didn’t even notice that you had posted about the stickers previously, it just seemed like you flying into attack mode for no apparent reason. If you get value out of them, I am happy for you.


Werewords is really great! My favorite hidden role game at the moment. My favorite part of it how after a few games, people tend to establish ruts or roles. Like the person who always asks the “bigger than a breadbox” at the start. And then suddenly… they don’t one game. Instant suspicion! It’s even better for yourself because if you play a villager a bunch in a row and then become the werewolf, you have to pretend to be yourself to not draw suspicion, which is really challenging.


I think the way you presented your opinion was rude to anyone who didn’t share that opinion, and it wasn’t even iffy if others idn’t share your opinion because it’s right there. And it didn’t leave much of an opening to even present an opposing view to Gedd’s question without going polar to your opinion since everything on the other end you clearly think is extreme for no other reason than you don’t share it.

Calling you out on it is not “attack mode.”