Boardgaming in 2018!


Oh man that’s a great idea for a forum game! I totally missed that thread.


I picked up the Legendary Encounters Alien game, and I should probably get some sleeves for the cards.

I’m assuming my local shop can point me in the right direction for the right size and get me what I need, but does anyone have any strong opinions about sleeves before I do that? Good brands or anything, or am I okay just buying whatever the local place stocks?


I followed a guide for opaque back colored sleeves and I love it. Normally i sleeve transparent, but this helps the game organization too much.

Edit: Here you go.


Whoa, glad I asked, that’s way more than I would’ve considered. Thanks!


Finally got Street Masters kickstarter. 4 boxes worth of stuff. Loads of fighters with 24 card decks each. Lots of baddies and stages to fight on. 16 small maps for locations. Should be a lot of game in those boxes. Will play some solo and with my kiddo this weekend…looks very cool.


After many years of loving to sleeve cards I think KMC Hyper Mattes feel the best. I’ve had them blow out from time to time, but I use them exclusively nowadays so I don’t think that’s a commentary on quality. They just feel great in your hands. They’re pretty expensive though, so might be prohibitive on a game like LE: Alien (~1300 cards).


I played Mansions of Madness (2nd edition) for the first time last night with my coworkers. Two of us had never played, the other two had only played once. That was interesting.

Lovecraft stuff? I can take it or leave it. The mechanics of playing, exploring, and investigating were pretty cool. Did the original require a GM, or was there a way for co-op play without one? It’s hard to imagine juggling everything the app did without a dedicated GM.

Things went poorly at the end though, our scenario had some ambiguity between the narrative and the gameplay that ended up feeling like a cheap “gotcha” at a point where it was too late to go back and address what needed to be done. But it still took almost an hour between realizing that and playing out the rest of the game to our inevitable demise. I guess that’s partly because the point where I assumed it was hopeless was different from when the rest of the team did, which is again down to some ambiguity in exactly what could/couldn’t/needed to happen.

I’d definitely play it again some time, but maybe not for a couple of months, and I’m not even a little tempted to own my own copy.


It was a dedicated one vs many game, yeah. And a heavily overproduced one at that. Every scenario had a bunch of its own components, with three variations that the GM player picked between secretly at the start. Even the basic cards they can pay for to mess with you weren’t explicitly scenario specific but the sets were only used in a couple scenarios each.


I really want to play Mansions of Madness. I can’t tell from everything if I’d hate it or love it. It sounds like a unique experience at least. Still holding out that one of my friends will pick it up so I won’t have to.

Though I have to admit your write-up makes me apprehensive. Nothing kills a game quicker for me than knowing we can’t win and it going on for another hour.


I would say it’s an excellent game for a friend to own.

Don’t let my cynicism put you off too much. Just because I was cynical at the end and also right doesn’t mean I was right to be cynical, if that makes sense. The three other players still thought we had a chance, albeit a slim one.


I’m 100% in favor of MoM. It’s great.

And it’s a great game to own.


My only issue with MoM was the pricing and business model. It’s another super overproduced minis game (the star spawn is practically the weight of all the other minis combined, and barely shows up in 2 scenarios), and rather than focusing on releasing more $5 DLC scenarios, they’re leaning more and more towards $40 expansions with only 2 new scenarios (and more unnecessary minis). Or you can buy the new $60 expansion with THREE new scenarios!!! It’s even worse than Arkham Horror TCG in that regard.


Look what’s new on KS. Paradox Interactive now wants you to spend hours on their Crusader Kings boardgame too.


I thought I was done with boardgames Kickstarters for a while (shelf space used up) but I’m a sucker for CK2.


I went from “Oooh, EXCITING!” to “More miniatures as stretch goals, I’ll pass”. I’ll take a proper look when I have the time, though.


I hear you. That was my initial reaction to the minis (this does not seem to be the type of game that needs minis at all) but they do offer a no-extra-minis version too, which I am considering if the stretch goals are purely cosmetic.


Is there anything that’s obsoleted Ascension as a quick playing competitive deck-builder? I like Star Realms but I prefer the weird theme in Ascension and the stack of expansions gets me excited for no good reason.


I mean I still have games going, and there is an active Qt3 league for it.

So no?


Only asking because it’s floated around for a long time in a pretty crowded sub-genre. Seems like exactly the kind of game that could be secretly obsoleted by the BGG deep state and you’d never know without doing all the research.


I continued my exploration of train games today, playing Chicago Express and German Railways. I had played CE before, along with its cousin, American Rails (both classics in their own right). German Railways was a weird experience, especially since we played the (awful) Queen games edition. The random turn order mechanism didn’t bother me as much as the other players, but the dividend mechanism just never really clicked for me. Also, it was more fiddly than I expected, with constant income track upkeep. Would like to try it again, though I doubt it will get much more play in our group.

Walking home, I started to think about all the train games I have played recently, and what the ideal order for introducing people to the genre is. This is what I’m come up with so far:

Ticket to Ride > American Rails >Chicago Express > Railways of the World > Steam > (Age of Steam?) > 1846 > (other 18xx)

Any thoughts?