Boardgaming in 2018!

Quick reminder to message me if you’re going to Dice Tower Con this coming week and want to meet up.

I forgot about the Dice Tower Con so I went to their page, only to see they are preemptively trying to avoid an issue that occurred at another con. Just solidifies reasons I don’t go to these but those who do, I hope you can let us know anything interesting you see.

My gaming group is really diverse and DTC is too, so when I read the recent Reddit post about how much it sucks to be a female board gamer I was baffled at first.

My group is mostly women but we’ve added a few guys recently. We don’t go to cons though, and we mostly avoid local gaming stores. It’s just weird and awkward to go there at night for their gaming sessions.

There are a couple of gaming shops near me that have that old school boys only vibe and they’re full of gross dudes, so I don’t blame you if that’s what you’re seeing. I’M not comfortable there either. We recently had a cool stuff games open by us though and the vibe there is a lot better, and there is usually a woman working when they’re open and I’m sure that helps.

Mech like Card Game:

I posted this in the Battletech thread as well. It is one of the Dice Tower Essentials games. So far most of the games that have had that label have been pretty good (the most well known probably being Sheriff of Nottingham).

Critcal Mass: 10

That would be awesome. It’s been a bit since i made the local rounds to these shops here. I really should just give them another go.

The board game scene is getting what I’m guessing is a long overdue #metoo reckoning. One of the lead designers of Codenames called out his codesigner on Twitter today and the codesigner is going to get let go I think I heard.

One designer banned from Origins, another from DTC.

Oh man, that’s worse than I thought. Well I’ve heard rumors for years and the board-gaming sites are not really better than video gaming so hopefully this will just open things up for more people into the hobby in general.

Uh, the lead designer of Codenames was Vlada Chvatl. In fact he is the only listed designer at board games geek.

So, is he getting called out or is he doing the calling?

He designed the original Codenames, yes. There are like another four or five Codenames releases since then that I don’t believe he was directly involved in. I have no idea what his relation to this reckoning might be but I hope it’s the right side because the man makes great games.

Sorry, and thanks for the correction. Yes, Vlaada is awesome (he comes to Dice tower con) and unrelated. I fucked up, it’s on the publisher side. Matt Fantastic referred on his tweet to “Codenames Josh” and I had a mega brain fart and invented the pair as designers. Sorry again.

Matt Fantastic (@Prettiest_Matt) Tweeted:
PSA: Josh Githins, Codenames Josh, is a predatory sex creep. He serially manipulates, coerces, and abuses people. Accepting this is something I’ve struggled with a lot. But that’s not what’s important… We have to protect ourselves and our community. Full stop.

And while I’m here, here’s the story about the Origins business:

And the Reddit thread which was by a woman complaining about the atmosphere in boardgaming in general:

Yup. This was my impression of of the game as well. Just not worth it to spend $15 per 90 minute scenario, only to lose it because the trick to beating it was at odds with what the narrative told you you should be doing.

But there wasn’t any enthusiasm or replay value to try it again. A big part of the appeal was the story and not knowing what was going to happen next. Once those are gone, why not play any of the other, better Lovecraft co-op games? They’re ore of a dollar value, and much more replayable. Unless you absolutely have to own every single LCG.

If you missed out on the 7th Continent, they’re having another sale thing. Copies of the boxed game are limited, expansions (which haven’t been printed yet) are open availability.

Dammit. I successfully resisted this once already, and now I have to try to do it again?!?

I can help.

The game isn’t that good and takes forever to play.


But it is kind of unique and interesting, and you can easily save whenever you want to resume later.
Sorry. ;)

Yep, I’ve enjoyed both curses I’ve played so far, and the “save” thing is easy to do and set up again.

My daughter really wants to play some kind of adventure boardgame. I don’t think she’d have the patience for this though. And it’s expensive!

Did you play them solo? That I can understand.