Boardgaming in 2018!


Is anyone playing the digital (Early Access) Scythe?


not for 20 dollars


Yeah, I’ll pick up Scythe on Steam when it hits a good sale price. I really like the board game but have spent enough on it already!


I played Scythe on Steam. I found out that I am not good at Scythe.


I played it because while i own Scythe, the boardgame, I have no one who wants to play it. The Steam game has let me at least learn the mechanics.

The game is also very buggy


I tried Scythe during the first beta, and it was atrocious. The UI, the iconography, and the bugs. There wasn’t even an undo button! I know alphas and betas are going to have some rough edges, but it was such an indicator how clueless they are that something as basic as an undo button wasn’t included.

I’ve heard it’s improved since then, but it scared me off from paying full price.


Yeah, I picked it up. I thought it was pretty good, actually. There’s a lot of information to absorb, and it does a reasonably good job of giving you access to all of the information. Not perfect, but acceptable. Hopefully they will improve things a bit more before release.

The major issue at the moment is that it has no online multiplayer. So I played a couple games against the AI just to check it out and then put it aside until they get that added.


I was a fan of time period, but the game was sold out by the time I thought I was ready to tackle the system. While I pre-ordered on p500, that has been a long time coming and still isn’t here. However, a month or so ago I saw Pendragon in a game store and bought it on a whim.

Well, this is apparently one of the more complex versions of the game, apparently, but slowly and surely I figured it out. After finding some others to play it, it is now sitting out on my kitchen table where I occasionally sit down to play myself. I have a strategy guide out for the Civitates.


Have you tried it multi-player as well? I tried Cuba Libre solo and find it a completely different experience when you have 3 other players to play against.

It’s hard to surprise yourself when playing solo and I think it limits the amount of enjoyment you can get.


Yes, played it with the full complement of 4, spent 90 minutes teaching the rules and the next 3 or more hours playing the beginner scenario. I will hopefully schedule an all day or there’s about session to play the full campaign.

However, since most players were still learning, I think it lacked some of that intensity. It’s hard to formulate a strategy when players are still figuring out how to get more troops on the board.


Yeah - VASSAL is working out really well for us (it’s my first time using it). We have a side chat going to discuss moves between the four of us and have been playing it over the past 4 days or so as we share screenshots and logfiles around to discuss outcomes. It’s been very interesting and as engrossing as some of the better videogame experiences I’ve had recently.


Has anyone played Snowdonia? It’s a worker placement game that came out several years ago. I’ve heard good things about it, but it was hard to find new. Now they seem to be doing a deluxe Kickstarter.


Can’t wait for my kickstarter edition:


Root did seem popular at the Dice Tower convention - I never got a chance to play.


Finally got KDM to the table today. Solo as the kid has no desire to play. Since I hate assembling minis, I sold all the minis from the core set, which cut the price of the game from 400 to 150. Awesome. So I used these minis for the first fight:

Wildfire had no chance against my Street Masters champions! Now I gotta raid my kid’s Skylanders stash for some kind of antelope!


Totes adorbs! Which is grossly inappropriate for Monster Death Kingdom Death: Monster. Not cool!



I know that Amazon Prime Day has historically been garbage, but I will be keeping an eye out for any deals for games on my list. If you folks run into any, please share!


As a man who is horrible at assembling minis, I endorse this approach!


A peice of me just died…


I’ve never been one for theme in any boardgame. A game can be wrapped up in the coolest theme and I will look at it and calculate how I can defeat the challenge, regardless of what kind of world it tries to immerse me into.

I’m all about the numbers…I am an accountant…Lion testicles, whatever, what stat does that improve or what armor/weapon with a better stat to increase my strength does that give me.

Might be a little too cold and calculated but I LOVE challenges and any kind of theme is at the bottom of what I look for in a game.

That might keep me from really enjoying certain games but at least that saved me $250 on this game!