Boardgaming in 2018!


If only you lived in VT, I’d assemble it for you. I’m quite fond of assembling models actually. Even the all day Imperial knight build was fun for me. :)


I formally took up the Boardgaming hobby after PAX Unplugged 2017. I think I backed 10 kickstarters that week. I finally got my first reward, Everdell. The external box is amazingly beautiful. Can’t wait to play!


I haven’t tried it yet, but I picked up Terrene Odyssey dirt-cheap a while back. It’s the earlier CGC Games work that Temporal Odyssey is supposed to be somewhat of a remake of. Your write-up of the new game makes me hope the earlier game has some spark to it as well!


So this is a thing.


I am never forget the day my first book board game is published
Every chapter I stole from somewhere else
Index I copy from old Vladivostok telephone directory



Kickstarter has suspended funding on the project.


“What do you mean, we need to work harder on concealing the scam? If we wanted to work hard, we wouldn’t be scamming!”


I’ve got to say, when I first saw that Kickstarter it seemed something was really off. Way too much promised for such a low price point by a first time creator. Glad they were caught before they made off with any money at least.

I also tried to image search on some of the minis as a quick test back then but nothing came up. I thought they looked pretty neat so would be curious to see where they came from.


I got introduced to Star Realms tonight. Dug it big time. Getting a 4 player set of it soon!


Ok just order Street Masters and big trouble in little china the board game. LOL it was expensive, but my favorite genre and my favorite board game type…I was helpless :)


Man I suck at Heaven & Ale. Not a bad game. Actually it’s very good, but not sure I’m going to keep it.


Great name for a pub.


I’m not sure why I find this video fascinating but I do, so I thought I’d share. A tour of a massive board game cave.


We finished Pandemic Season 2 last night.

Overall, I didn’t like it. I liked the mechanic changes, where you are more concerned with adding cubes instead of taking them off, and how you explored the world by adding stickers to the map. My Chief concerns are in the spoiler below.

There were at least 3 months where your objectives were the same: connect cities, build research places, and a few other things. It caused a mid-game drag we didn’t like. It felt like they didn’t have enough story and they dragged out the middle.
I was ok with that anyway, but the last month sucked. The sole objective was to get one player infected with the virus and run them across the board. You could only use the drive or ferry actions, and you needed a card of that city’s color (a red city card to move into any red city) to move into it. We failed on the first try and decided “fuck it, we would have won the second game anyway” and skipped it.


We did exactly the same thing! I hated that final mission. Incredibly boring and one of those “you’re clearly going to make it or you’re clearly not” style setups. It really soured me on the experience.

I still liked the experience overall a lot. Its sense of mystery with each location really got me invested and pulled me through excitedly all the way to that last awful mission.


We played Masque of the Red Death last night, fresh off its Kickstarter campaign. It was pretty fun and I really liked the art style. 5 players took us about two hours, including learning the rules and a quick reading of the short story (included.).

Supposedly you’re meant to remember the various rumor cards that you’ve seen but our group wanted to play with notetaking allowed. It worked out just fine but it does slightly change the power of some of the abilities.

Overall a good game and I’d recommend it, especially if you’re a Poe fan.


I just got Lord’s of Waterdeep and I love it. Very quick and engaging.


If you don’t have the expansions, definitely look into them in the future. They really add a lot to the base experience.


I honestly hadn’t even looked for expansions or thought about them, as this was given to me as a gift. I guess I know what I’ll be spending some money on. Thanks @rowe33…gonna have to go put in an order ASAP!

And in other good news, I ran into an old co-worker of mine, and she has similar time off AND some friends who like to boardgame. So now I’ll have a new group. Sweet!