Boardgaming in 2018!


I just got Lord’s of Waterdeep and I love it. Very quick and engaging.


If you don’t have the expansions, definitely look into them in the future. They really add a lot to the base experience.


I honestly hadn’t even looked for expansions or thought about them, as this was given to me as a gift. I guess I know what I’ll be spending some money on. Thanks @rowe33…gonna have to go put in an order ASAP!

And in other good news, I ran into an old co-worker of mine, and she has similar time off AND some friends who like to boardgame. So now I’ll have a new group. Sweet!


If you like Lords of Waterdeep, I definitely recommend Godfather :) Fun thematic worker placement game!


My son and I just played our first game of Pixel Tactics. We thought it was pretty good. Pretty easy to learn, plays pretty quick 30-45 minutes and a lot of interesting decisions to make each turn. The cards seem pretty balanced yet there is enough randomness that it seems like there will be a decent amount of replayability.

Maybe we will find it doesn’t hold up over multiple playthroughs, but so far seems pretty cool for $9.


And of course there are like five more sets of it, not counting Mega Man Pixel Tactics, which I believe is compatible with the regular version.


Dadgumit. Went and looked and it was $10 off and the cheapest it’s been in a while. Ordered. :D


I’ve had my eye on this one for months, but as the KS nears its end and after watching the gameplay video I am not sold. It seems low on theme. Also, for a combat heavy game, combat seems undercooked. Monsters seem to offer little mechanical variety and everything besides GOO fall equally fast as players just stress their investigators to roll and re-roll for exclamation without tentacle results.


I feel similarly. Death May Die looks like it plays a lot like The Others with a better executed theme (and no longer one vs. many). I quite like the way The Others often devolves into a stand-up and roll climactic moment at some point that usually determines who wins, but I’m not sure I want to spend $100 on that experience again. I’m hoping a friend picks it up.


I’ve found CMON’s stuff pretty underwhelming on the whole. I like Zombicide but it’s not a $100 game, much less a $400+ game (to go all in on seasons/expansions) and everything they’ve done since then except maybe for Blood Rage/Rising Sun (which still seem overpriced) seems similarly overpriced and underdesigned.

And going whole hog on combat is utterly inappropriate for the source material. And it’s competing with Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror Universe line of games, most of which are proven good games and better (if not precisely accurate) adaptations. (I think Elder Sign is terrible, though.)


I cancelled mine due to how I feel about the KS itself and the 250 dollar statue. I’m somewhat irritated with CMON


I totally relate to that. I feel like I overpaid for most of their games. But I got Blood Rage and Arcadia Quest for around $60 a pop and they felt like extremely worthwhile purchases and are currently among my most played games. It’s hard with CMON because their totally decked out approach is so satisfying when I love the game, moderately annoying when I just like it, and a travesty when I hate it.


Good article on twilight struggle in the wash post today


We got Everdell to the table yesterday. It is complex, beautiful, challenging and super fun!!!


Oooo! Never heard of it. Was this a kickstarter? Is it available at retail? How long does it take to play?


That tree is an amazing gaming component.


New Vital Lacerda, apparently not as heavy as his prior works:

J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

Thanks for the link!

I was not aware Imperial Struggle is coming, hopefully it will be great!


Azul wins Spiel des Jahres for 2018, FWIW.


Yay digital Labyrinth from Playdek!!

PS I predicted this on my blog ™