Boardgaming in 2018!

Might be tough for an 11yo but might still be fun to try together, especially if you either remove or greatly relax the time constraint.

There’s no replayability at all, especially Exit as it might require altering or destroying parts of the game. Totally worth it though.

To add to what @rowe33 said, they often require you to cut, poke, or otherwise permanently alter the game.

We have thus far managed to render them replayable by running off copies of the book and stuff, because my wife’s sister also has a few and so we swap them after beating.

But, as they are puzzles, once you beat it and know the solution, there is little reason to redo one.

But at $10-15 a pop, they are I feel good value. 4-6 people and a nights entertainment for the cost of two people getting fast food.

Yes, it’s the most recent edition. With you we have three players, missing the last one!

I volunteer as tribute!

The Unlock games are completely replayable by someone else by the way. No alterations or cut up cards, etc. I think we prefer the Exit series overall but they’re both a lot of fun and well worth it.

Hm, maybe it is a good idea to post a link to the General, All-Purpose Forum Game Thread (that is interesting)-thread:

Link to Englischer edition now available.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like it might be worth picking one up to do as a family some night.

Okay my Kickstarter demon is demanding blood. I’m stumped on which to back

City on Big Shoulders

I want them all, but let’s be realistic. Right now that’s my order. Pipeline and City are mainly due to Edward from Heavy Cardboard’s gushing over them for the past year. Barrage looks cool, but I’m hit and miss with the designers. I find Marco Polo to be the most boring version of Hansa Teutonica ever. It’s a game I should like but it did absolutely nothing for me.

I blame Tom ;)

Huh. This one looks interesting. I’ve saved it so I get a reminder before the KS ends.

I wish there was a good site for playing 18XX-games, but all I’ve found are different PBEM-facilitators and such. Seems like the type of games that has a fanbase that would fix a website for asynchronous online play.

Yeah, I should do a write up for each, since there was definitely some we liked more. Tonipails Treasure and the Wizard of Oz for Unlock were the tops. Exit The Forgotten Island was our favorite there.

I’m excited about this game! I like small card games, especially when they’re pretty.

Thanks! I love this!

know this is to cpugeek, but how is it an over-designed mess? I loathe 18xx games and this looks to have streamlined everything about those.

How dare you address me instead of quoting and tagging @cpugeek13 directly!

Seriously, though, the KS-video makes it seem like the game has a lot of different things going on, but I agree with you that it seems to be streamlined (in a good way).

Funny story about the first printing of Arboretum: The card backs have Arboretum spelled wrong…

I’m not sure if the ones we are getting in today have this fixed yet or not. Hilarious.

Might be easier just to change the name of the game.



The misprints have been pulled (and will be destroyed):