Boardgaming in 2018!


1v1 2v2 3v3 or free for all battle royale up to 6. We played 2v2.


You are ahead of me and I played it :)


I introduced Formula De to my boardgaming group a decade ago and we all pretty much love it - one guy in the group has purchased every track set produced for the current edition. It frequently gets pulled out as a ‘warm up’ game if some of us are there early waiting for the rest of the gang to show up. We all understand the game well enough that we can crank out a 2-lap, 5-6 player game in about an hour.

Several years ago, we actually ran a league- 10 games across successive weeks, time trials for starting positons in each race, weather effects, car building, the whole nine yards. It was awesome.


That’s a cool game; yes it’s old and you have to write stuff down, but I find it much more exciting than Formula D. Plus, 3 tracks on a single board!


It’s very different to both of them. Both those games are also excellent and easy to teach to friends and family.


Played Viticulture with Tuscany expansion yesterday. I felt Viticulture was a fairly average Euro, but Tuscany improves the game moderately. With Tuscany, it’s a tighter design, although I still feel the Visitor cards are a bit random and can be a little OP. Not my top Euro at the moment, but a pretty good game.


They are on my list to try.

I did buy King Domino today. $17 cheap!


Have had Vita and Tusc for a few years. Pull the game out occasionally, good game. Not my top Euro either but I will keep them…and I dont keep many games.


I played Steampunk Rally which is a racing game…only you play as historical inventors/scientists like Tesla or Einstein, and you build/race giant steam-junk abominations that are modular but can fall to pieces as you take damage at certain parts of the track. Like on the last stretch I fired all my jet boosters, fully exhausted by heat sink, and flooded by treads with stream so I blasted forward a great distance but my entire rig basically exploded into pieces as I crossed the finish line with just me in the cockpit.


Yay. Boardgames are a dangerous hobby. There are always so many more to try; before you know it, you live in a house full of cardboard. Camel Up is the more chaotic and silly fun of the 2. If both are on the list, I’d start with that one. I’ve yet to find a group who hasn’t enjoyed the crazy and dramatic race reversals messing up with their plans.


Arrived today. I’m so looking forward to my next day off :-)


Is this an expansion for Darkest Night second edition?

I hadn’t heard about that game, but this TDG review makes it sound like a somewhat fun night hunting evil.

He does complain about wonkiness and non intuitive rules though; also having to constantly look through the rule book which is not that well put together. Would you agree with that complaint? They can be a turn off when playing with my kids.

Interestingly, he liked it better solo.



I think it’s a conversion pack, that brings the 1st edition up to 2nd edition standards.

I got my 2nd edition the other day, so far I have punched and sorted everything and read the rules. The rules seemed fine to me; I mean it’s not a very complex game. But then I just came off learning Pendragon… ;)

I bought it to play solo, though the kickstarter was so long ago my tastes changed and I am kind of over the whole ‘play 4 sides yourself’ thing. :)


It’s a kind of add-on for converting a first edition into a second edition.
It was the first bigger solo game I’ve ever played and I learned the rules in no time. Some of the special powers of some of the characters are sometimes a bit difficult to understand (at least for me) but all in all I found the game rather simple and I’m easily intimidated by rulebooks (If only anyone could teach me High Frontier…). I always choose my characters blindly and then have to figure out how to play with the ones I’ve got.
So long story short: I like it a lot.
I can’t say a lot about multiplayer games. Could be that you have to deal with a bit of downtime. I guess I’m with Tom on this: Tom’s review.


Hey, if you want to try to start another forum game, I’m in. I find the game plays best at that speed and the forum format allows for rules discussions.


Thanks @countzero and @Profanicus. Not writing it off then. I’ll read Tom’s review.


I don’t consider Darkest Night particularly complex and after a game or two I’ve almost never felt the need to reference the rules. I can see preferring it solo since there are characters whose abilities are nearly pure support that might not be all that fun as one’s sole character (though at any player count below four one could simply assign that character to someone alongside a more active character). I still struggle to find boardgames a good use of my solitaire time as the set up and tear down are invariably cumbersome compared to having other hands to help, much less the nearly instant startup time of the (literally) thousands of videogames clamoring for my attention, but I will say Darkest Night, alongside Sentinels of the Multiverse and explicitly solitaire games like Nemo’s War, has been one of the few where it’s felt at least vaguely worth doing so.


I’m a little surprised an experienced board gamer would consider DN rules heavy. I’d consider it medium weight at most, and possibly a shade or two lighter.

I will say that one of the many great things about second edition is that it contains a faq that has done a great job of answering any question I have had about the characters and their powers quickly and efficiently.


Kingdom Death Monster takes 10 minutes or less for a single hunt, and that’s just using the provided insert. With customs inserts it’s closer to 5. I spend more time clearing the table to place the game in…

Of course this depends whether you consider equipping your guys to be setup or gameplay, but since you are taking decisions at that point, I go with gameplay.

Unicornus Knights is slightly fiddlier but not by much. 10 minutes is definitely doable once you have practice. Spirit Island is not that bad either.

But stuff like Dawn of the Zeds or Eldritch Horror definitely takes a lot of time and it influences how often I decide to play.


10 minutes is still 9 minutes and 40 seconds longer than it takes to start most videogames.