Boardgaming in 2019!


I’ve not weighed in before, as I can’t really be impartial here. I’ve not gotten into any Stonemeier games before, and I know and have been on a first name basis with a few different Gaming Goat owners. Also as a big supporter of FLGS in general, I am already inclined to lean towards TGG regardless.

But all that said I have tried to read this fairly. And having read a significant portion of that exchange, I have to say screw SM games and their sycophants on BGG. Like I get wanting to back your favorite publisher or whatever, but their supporters remind me of the EGS partisans here. I got no time for that kind of console wars bullshit.


“Group” he says…;)

I put my game into a save state this weekend to come back to it in June, but even there, I feel like I’m getting there on the first curse, and while I’m not sure I’ll end up winning, I think I stand a puncher’s chance.


Good point! I’ve only played with three or four. We might just be paying a communication tax.

We try to hunt and fish efficiently and do things like the Frankenstein’s monster when it makes sense, but we can’t seem to keep up. We’ll burn the whole deck just going down something like the archipelago and then there’s still 90% of the journey to go.

I think I need to get my own copy, read all the rules and errata myself, take careful notes and see how that goes.


It’s been a while but I believe there’s a rule where you can keep a card for each skill check you make, right? Something like that. We did that wrong at first, which made us quickly run out of cards. Just wondering if something similar is happening here.


Ah! Not that, but we are missing a couple of things:

We recommend that your sessions run between one and two hours, since some events – game/prey returning to be hunted, for example – cannot happen unless you save the game (as if you had camped for the night)

We were trying to burn through the whole quest in one night and couldn’t find enough game to replenish. Sounds like some unnecessary hard mode on our part?

If more than one player is involved in the action, they may decide to lower the cost of the action by any number ( -X cards to draw) and, on the other hand, increase the difficulty of the action by the same amount ( +X required successes)

I did not know about this. Sounds really useful once the party has a few items.


Sorry the GG drama got dragged over here everyone. I appreciate the comments and I’m honestly tired of reading the threads on Reddit and BGG. I’m going to go back to just worrying about my own store and talking about games.


Just a few new games this week:


When you get that notice that a whole SHITLOAD of 7th Continent goodies are headed your way and will be in your grubby li’l hands by Saturday.

Time to commence un-sleeving first edition cards…


Apparently Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, HEXplore It 1&2 (with expansions) and Edge of Darkness are on their way to the fulfillment-centers. I guess I am paying a lot of customs bills in the coming months.


:( I haven’t gotten that notice yet.


You should be soon. :)


I am sort of tempted to pick up a copy of 7th Continent if they have it in stock. I got to try it while I was abroad in Canada, and I didn’t love it from the couple of sessions I played, but it is a game I keep thinking about.


I think the appeal/non-appeal is largely going to be based upon what someone’s looking for in a game. I think there’s a wide swath of gamers out there who’d find the game’s mechanics to be not at all their thing, and the storytelling/narrative for narrative’s sake gameplay to be pointless. And I totally get that.

And then there are dorks like me for whom those things are right up our streets. :)


While playing it I got the feeling of being in a print-and-play version of Don’t Starve Together, but at the same time it sort of just worked. It really had a sense of discovery, and restarting after saving and packing it up worked really well. I think the No Pun Included video had a lot of good points, but still it is a game I sometime think I really would like to play more of.


Another point: For some reason I have the game stored in the same mental compartment as Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, which I found tedious and full of busywork. 7th Continent is that type of game done right.


Jesus. Those boxes.

I need to stop Kickstarting things I can’t store.


They…look like the boxes from the kickstarter images.


Which have zero context to make it clear how enormous they are.


If it was that much of a concern, it was pretty easy to find context for the size of the boxes from the initial 1st edition Kickstarter.

For instance, here’s a video unboxing from November, 2017:


They’re not actually super huge. I have the original box from the first Kickstarter. It’s smaller than the box for Scythe. It’s about the same size as the Mage Knight box, or Pandemic Legacy or the original edition of–ahem–Robinson Crusoe.


Ah, okay, that’s not too bad then.

Space is an issue, but not enough for me to bother obsessively researching the exact dimensions of every game I buy. They just looked impressively huge in that photo. I guess it’s an illusion.