Boardgaming in 2019!

Really wish I could get excited about Outer Rim…but it just looks so ‘meh’. 🙁

Forgot to mention I’m also getting this:

Not new, but new to my store and a super crunchy space game to boot. I’m excited to try it.

Way to bury the lead!

I like the game quite a bit. I want the outer planets and station expansions but I don’t want to have to get in their manufacturing queue of doom with no idea when I’ll actually get the products.

I want that Leaving Earth box cover as a large poster.

I have all 3, but I’ve been unable to get them to the table for quite awhile and they’re just gathering dust on my shelf. I might be willing to part with them…

We finally got Blood Rage to the table. Enjoyed it. Reminded me a lot of Cyclades.

I just picked up Star Wars: Outer Rim and unboxed it. Looks good so far. Going to see if I can get it on the table tonight. Nice components, fairly clear rulebook. Overall vibe is a streamlined version of Firefly (streamlined as in more elegant/less fiddly, not simplistic) with a fairly strong Star Wars theme. One thing I like: they didn’t offer us B list dregs from the Star Wars Canon with the good stuff to buy separately The game I bought comes straight off with Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, Jyn Orso, the Millenium Falcon, etc.


You know, there is such a thing as the secondary market…

And, if the copy I’m currently selling is anything to go buy, it’s going to be very highly priced.

I think the designer needs to stop using his workplace’s printing press and get an actual factory to produce this stuff.

Very keen to hear your thoughts after you’ve played a game.

I love Star Wars and am a fan of many of FFG’s products so it feels like this should be right in my wheelhouse, but the playthrough they did on their stream didn’t really grab me.

Please do tell us your thoughts.

Because my interest level is high. But I’m an looks at 70 ship strong X-wing collection easy sell for this one

I found the “how to play” videos on bgg not that inspiring, but the game looks good.

OOOH. Easy Sell! The game comes with X-wing compatible dice, like so:

When I unboxed it in the store and had the dice on the table, X-Wing players were coming up to me “Hey where did you get those?”

We know, believe me we know.

(Special dice are one of the more coveted prizes from official tournaments and such)

This month is crazy.



Later this month:

Hopefully sometime soon:

Actually arrived yesterday.

I’m tired of COIN, though. The gimmick has played itself out.

I agree that with now nine volumes inthe COIN series it is a little much. But, some of those have been really good. Andean Abyss is still great. A Distant Plain is superb as well. I know less about the history in Falling Sky but I think that was a fresh revision of the system that I enjoyed immensely. So that’s three solid wins from me so far and I would happily play any of the remaining COIN games… Pendragon is an interesting case. I played it as the GMT warehouse and really want to look at it some more. I need more time but it seems to have a lot of that fresh take I found so appealing about Falling Sky. So what do we call that? Half a win? So we’re 3.5 out of 8 there so far. So if the COIN series were a major league batter it would be about .438 and that’s only if you count the games I am not so crazy about as total duds. The series should celebrate it’s accomplished heritage.

All that being said, If your case is that it would be nice to see some newer fresher ideas for game mechanics to get out into the game market that is a sentiment I can totally get behind. I would much prefer to see something entirely new and interesting rather than another COIN title announced.

Here’s hoping we each find enjoyment from playing Gandhi. Oh, and If you got Peloponnesian War please tell me that I really should have picked that up as well especially considering I like silly things like Polis and still am holding out for four players for Pericles.

Not sure which type of gameplay I detest the most: rondel or pickup-and-delivery. And if I squint hard enough, I can probably make a case both are kind of similar. Anyway, Outer Rim, despite its Star Wars theme, is a hard pass for me.

After learning Blood rage yesterday we are doing Rising Sun tomorrow. Seems to be CMON week!

Sadly, I didn’t get the chance to get Outer Rim on the table tonight. My friend showed up with his two Thunderstone-Quest-crazed young boys so we played that instead. I might get a chance to try Outer Rim this weekend; we’ll see.

Gandhi will be my first COIN. So I should be happy with it? Not sure when it arrives in Europe …