Boardgaming in 2019!

I’m currently in the process of moving house. Perhaps after the removal company have taken all my stuff but before I hand over the keys I could spend 3 or 4 days trying to complete a 42,000pc jigsaw? It’s help me u wind after the stress that is.moving.

For those of your not moving home, I doubt they do those porta-puzzla things larger than 5000, so.maybe rent out some self-storage and do it there? Definitely worth the expense!!

I kind of love your answer.

If imma buy Firefly, can I just get the base game? Or do I have to fazzle with all the expansions? Or are there specific expansions I should get? I kind of love that there is an expansion called “Breakin’ Atmo.”

I’m still listening to it but I may have issues with some of Tom’s comparisons between Outer Rim and Firefly. If you want to have any significant for Firefly player Interaction you’ll want whatever the pirates and bounty hunter expansion is to it.

So wait, you’re accusing Tom Chick of running a deceptive Firefly promotional boondoggle? Is it because he once took direction from Joss Whedon? Is is because he so closely resembles Nathan Fil^H^H^H Adam Baldwin?

Maybe he just aims to misbehave.

Oh man, look what the mailman or probably a skeleton just delivered from Pit of Infinite Shadow, Colorado:

In case you don’t read Swedish, that says “Warcults”! It’s the kind-of-hard-to-get standalone expansion to the really-hard-to-get Cave Evil. They put a small batch of reprints (or old stock?) up for sale months ago, and now here it suddenly is.

It comes with a package of Cave Goo and a demonic pencil:

I haven’t read the rules yet, so I don’t know what the goo is for. I’ll report back.

Hmmm. This guy is making me want to click on the button on BGG that can make me own the game for just $275 plus shipping:

Whoa! Warcults is a standalone expansion! You can play it by itself and get all of the super 8.3 BGG rating without contaminating it with the lame 7.9 BGG rating of Cave Evil! Plus, you can do this: which is a sentence I don’t understand.

I’ve glanced at Cave Evil on and off for a couple of years. I still have trouble understanding what distinguishes it from a typical randomly generated dungeon crawl except art and setting, which I can kind of get with KD:M already.l

The Firefly base game stands pretty well on its own, but as Tom_Mc mentions, Pirates and Bounty Hunters addresses one of the main criticisms of the base game (i.e. lack of direct player conflict) and is almost required if your group absolutely requires confrontation. Breakin’ Atmo is nice for variety since it adds new jobs, supplies, etc., but is mostly just for diversity. Blue Sun and Kalidasa have some nice additions (e.g. Blue Sun amps up the Reaver threat significantly and Kalidasa adds in The Operative), but playing with one or both of the bigger expansions can dramatically increase the game’s footprint and also slow things down as getting from one of edge of the universe to the other becomes a slog. Still, they worthy additions if you’re really into the game and/or show, but not critical for initial play IMO.

Look what had arrived while I was away on vacation. HEXplore It 1&2, plus Forgotten Circles for Gloomhaven.

I hope nobody minds if I put this here.

That’s probably one of the weirder things I’ve read about jail and prisoners… RPGs are not allowed.

Thanks, @yojion! So what I’m hearing you say (actual words coming out of your mouth) is: “Get Pirates & Bounty Hunters because of player interaction, and get Blue Sun because OMGREAVERS! And also get the base game because without it you can only just look at Pirates & Bounty Hunters and Blue Sun.

Is Firefly really the best of the bunch when it comes to pick-up-and-deliver games set in space? I like it quite a bit, but it’s the only one I’ve played. I feel it’s overlong and lacking in interesting aesthetics.

Various people speak positively about Xia: Legends of a Drift System and Merchant of Venus. Although Star Wars: Outer Rim would be the first one I’d try today.

Yeah, Tom mentioned Xia on the podcast. But didn’t mention (until he posted later) that it is unavailable and costs $300 on the secondary market.

PS Merchant of Venus was a great game at one time, which doesn’t so much make it a great game right now.

And if I’m going to triple-post, I might as well say that while I absolutely endorse spending $300 on a boardgame, I’d much rather spend it on these:

In some prisons they are banned because they “promote fantasies of escape.” Not kidding.