Boardgaming in 2019!

Yep. because the Bene Gesserit and Guild having troops on the planet is totally in-theme. I hate this argument. Good game, mostly with the right group, as you mention. But thematic… ‘eh’ at best.

Because Frank Herbert’s estate didn’t want to license Dune for their use. They only got the rights to the design.

The question is ‘why did try update the design’?

Fair enough but I love the design that the only hand a good Atr player doesn’t know is Hark. Emp is a very powerful off-planet force that the firemen are like big deal. Guild isn’t thematic but I think the BG are with the co-exist and bring down troops as “advisors”. As thematic as a blue dot can get.

Thx for update on the licensing malkav11. Will keep my copy in good shape…Had a HS teacher with about 4-5 copies who would teach seniors the game to play in last part of the year. Fun time.

Prepare for week 3 of the new game onslaught:

Empires of the North is getting delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait to try it both solo and against others.

Horrified also looks like a really cool spin on Pandemic. We’d love to play it, but I don’t think it has a UK release date yet.

Jumanji Fluxx? So you have a card game with no gameplay based on a board game that doesn’t exist? Huh.

What the heck does “A freezing playable civilization card game” mean? I mean, I certainly hope it is playable. That’s kind of like buying a can of food that says “Edible!” on it. I mean, that’s kind of the baseline.

But “freezing playable” makes even less sense. Those wordulations don’t combinitorate.

So, buddy and I went on our yearly man-cation to the mountains a few weeks back. Over 4 days, we completed Pandemic Legacy Season 1. Easily one of the greatest gaming experiences that I have ever had (right up with Mechs vs Minions, which we played over 2 summers)

What is the opinion on Pandemic Legacy Season 2? It looks fairly different from Season 1… does it keep the same magic?

Debating putting it on our list for next summer… but not sure. Would be open to other campaign style cooperative games as well, if there are suggestions. Gloomhaven is just too long for us to get into together.

Arkham Horror LCG seems pretty tailor-made to your circumstance. It’s clearly designed for 2 (even if it technically supports more), and there’s already four fixed-length campaigns that could probably be burned through over a few long days of gaming. Granted, they’re not super cheap and you’ll have to deckbuild, but otherwise? Ideal.

The tongue in cheek tag line is strange. The game itself is, by all accounts, superb.

A freezing / playable civilization / card game.

The game takes place in the frozen north, and each deck of cards represents a different tribe / civ.

Ok! I do kind of like Imp Settlers and 51st state, so maybe I’ll try it sometime. The tagline still breaks my brain though.

Why is that word in there??? I feel like I need to have a word with their marketing copy editors.


Maybe they’re implying that many civilization games aren’t (very) playable?

Maybe “freezing playable” is their idiosyncratic version of “real time with pause”?


Burninating the peasants.

Burninating the countryside!

Completely agree. Very weird phrase.

I’m not sure it’s the same magic as Season 1, but it’s pretty interesting.

Season 2 felt a lot more open world, where certain discoveries made the game more difficult or easier, depending on when they were found. My group discovered in that the final goal was not possible for us, until we intentionally failed the first half of the month to spend time doing prep work.

Season 2 is much more on prevention, rather than cleaning up the infection.

Looks like they already did. The actual box cover held up in that Dice Tower review reads: “A frosty and fun civilization card game”