Boardgaming in 2019!

It sounds like that’s the market Unmatched is targeting. I think it’s supposed to come out in a month or two. It’s a minis on a map punching each other kind of game using a hand of cards and a variety of minis. Sounds family focused and simple. It’s being put out by the guys who redid Fireball Island and they described it as a family weight minis game.

We had this discussion a few months back. Build your own! You can buy random sets of pieces on eBay for relatively cheap, and use practically any pre-painted miniatures- fans have cobbled together stats for everything. DIY, baby! Make it your own!

Unmatched is specifically a reskin of Star Wars Epic Duels. I haven’t played Heroscape, so I don’t know if they’re similar, but Epic Duels is pretty great, and the “all-swim” genre approach of Unmatched looks like fun!

I didn’t realize SUSD was lukewarm on The Estates! I saw they had a great playthrough of it here recently, and seemed to be enjoying it.

I agree it is probably not that great with 2, but finding people to play games like that with, is pretty hard for me.

So, we got ourselves the first iteration on the Kingdom Death Monster template. Different company, but clearly inspired by and aimed at the same players (and at bringing in those who disliked certain aspects of KDM):

It looks more “elegant” than KDM in many ways, and gorgeous to boot, with a reasonable price for the core set. It feels it might be one of these things were the retail game is significantly more expensive than the KS (as the original KDM KS), but I don’t know if I have it in me to pledge for this one too.

A Funkoverse strategy game came out around Gen Con that might be just the ticket with a kid.

I know, playing with those Pop figures might sound weird. But it means you can choose between a lot of characters and your son should be able to control a character he knows and loves.

Joel Eddy of Drive Thru Review came back from Gen Con and said he had really enjoyed playing it.

Overview of the rules:

Here is the Drive Thru review:

Quote: “It kind of reminds me of Heroscape.”

He also mentions Unmatched and says he definitely prefers Funkoverse to it. Worth a watch before deciding.

Sounds pretty ideal to play with your son.

Disclaimer: my sons are old enough to have left home, so I haven’t tried the game. But I’d like to.

The Estates is a very difficult game to “play” because your actions and aims are so disconnected from the outcome! Especially if playing with multiple people. (I’ve not played it 2p)

I haven’t played it in years, but I’ve been clinging on to my Heroscape for this exact reason. I don’t want to get rid of it now, only to never get it again. It was already pretty rare in the UK, and some of the cooler bits (e.g. castle walls) never came out here.

In Dice Tower news, Sam is leaving:

I rarely watch TDT, and when I do I prefer the videos where it’s Tom Vasel only. Sam’s only input seemed to be saying “yup” in a searly manner or bickering about pointless things. Also his opinions on games didn’t seem to be thought-out or expressed all that well, so I didn’t find much value in him as a “reviewer” on those top 10 lists etc. (Also, he was always pushing games with a Christian angle, which I found weird given that he likes some games that involve nothing but slaughtering your opponents dudes. Surely Jesus doesn’t approve of Memoir 44?)

I’ve tried to play Star Trek: Frontiers (Mage Knight remake/reskin) 3 times now but get setup fatigue every time. It takes FOREVER to set the game up. Anyone else get game setup fatigue for some of these really complicated ones?

I feel like a customized storage solution might make it easier as it would be kind of pre set up. That’s what I did for Eldritch Horror.

At the least for most games I get Plano/Husky whatever storage bins. Home Depot has the 7" and 11" bins for around 5 bucks each. They make it so much easier. I can actually get Arkham Horror on the table in about 15 minutes.

The storage containers make storing the tokens and small cards easy. I get the Deck Boxes for the large cards.

I think this has been posted before but I love this:

I love it, but a tad out of my price range :)

I have third-party storage solutions for three games, all of which are favorites of mine but a pain to set up: Eldritch Horror, Caverna, and Star Wars Rebellion. Well worth it, since it means that games I really enjoy get to the table more often. (In the case of Caverna, I don’t think I would ever play it without the storage insert, because otherwise it’s just a huge box full of components stuffed in plastic bags.)

I use foam core inserts for a couple of games and they work well for a reasonable price. Certainly more reasonable than a laser etched storage trunk, for sure. :)

For example:

They are not as sturdy or pretty as wood, but they are solid and make it easy to pack and unpack the various components.

I can’t speak to how that specific insert fits as I don’t have that game. But have a look on BGG for reviews.

Edit: just realised the ST:F question was originally asked by @Guap. So tagging you for info.

I have made my own inserts with foam core for some games. It’s a fun exercise. I do think of making one for Eldritch to speed it up a tad.

I have the Meeple Realty insert for Firefly and it is fantastic.

This fits the game with all expansions and it’s a quarter of the price:

I’m very happy with it.

I approve of the Polish solution!

Yeah I made an Eldritch box out of black foamcore. God it’s pretty. Ok, not pretty, but useful.

The thing is, I played Eldritch a few times before I designed and built the foamcore for it, because I knew what needed to be sorted with what. I don’t know that yet for Star Trek Frontiers because I haven’t gotten around to playing!

Someday, someday.

That sounds hard for Sam. I am sorry to see him go. I watch board game videos rarely, at best, and Dice Tower is one of them.

They said it’s been going on a while, whatever it is. A man of his age I’d guess caring for a parent? That kind of situation always sucks, I’ve seen many other people go through it before.

So here’s a question for you EH folks: Is it possible to play Eldritch Horror with the small-box expansions and then…maybe only one of the “sideboard” big box expansions going?