Boardgaming in 2019!

I would only bother with Foresaken Lore. It expands the mystery and location decks to what they should have been in the first place. Yig is a decent ancient one.

I wouldn’t bother with anything else. Maybe another one of the small boxes if you’re interested in the ancient one. The big box ones are all bloated crap. Masks of Nyarlathotep is an outright scam: small box expansion content at big box price, and campaign rules as a selling point but it’s the laziest most barebones bullshit ever (“Use 2 preludes, dead investigators can’t be used again, personal story progress carries over, win 6 games”. That’s it. You could find half a dozen homebrew campaign rules online with more thought and balance put into them). It’s the only FF product that made me downright angry.

Speaking of, I just read that the lead designer of Arkham Horror 3ed had left, which is why it took so long for the first expansion. They really dropped the ball with that game. The universal impression everyone took away from it was “promising, but lean on content and replayability. Seems designed to integrate expansions with minimum bloat so can’t wait for those.” The board wasn’t terribly attractive but was made that way for expansions to save it. The pre-designated scenarios were great the first couple times but limited replayability, but new scenarios from expansions would save it.

It was a game designed from the ground up for expansions to save it, and it’s taking them over an entire year to pump out a single small box expansion.

[quote=“tomchick, post:2586, topic:139349, full:true”]But focus is the worst kind of feature bloat: pointless and redundant busywork that leeches from the game a sense of stakes.


Focus was the only decent mechanic added by the expansions! Eldritch Horror is entirely about the economy of the limited 2 actions per turn you get. Focus just gave you another option. Do I use one of my valuable actions to bank a more favorable roll in the future? They needed to do something to make wilderness and expeditions not be a waste of time. The expeditions were almost never worth doing.

I’ll take focus over any of the other bloat features they added like preludes, personal stories, side maps, a dozen new conditions that make each Reckoning phase 10 minutes long, and ESPECIALLY those damn impairment tokens.

I liked destroyed cities too!

They were a neat idea. Terrible execution though.

They hardly ever came into play when we played against Shudde. There’s only like 3-4 disasters before the game is decided, and half of the disaster deck didn’t destroy cities. It was meant to be (and sold as) the world turning into an apocalyptic hellscape as the game went on, denying you city refuge and turning you more and more to the ruined encounter deck. I think we averaged maybe one ruined encounter card draw every 2 games.

Special mention of art failure. The marker for devastated cities wiped off the map was…a grey compass with an eyeball in the middle? Why not the conflagration on the disaster deck cards? Pictures of rubble? Anything but an eyeball compass!

Sam was the only reason I watched after a while. Part of the reason I stopped is because Dice Tower went the route of “Flood of non-stop videos” which made being subscribed to them a nightmare and once I un-subbed I sort of forgot about them, plus we weren’t playing many board games for a while.

I did find Sam’s opinion and tastes more reliable than prototypical neckbeard fedora Tom, or Zee “I can’t focus for more than 15 minutes” Garcia. But he was ridiculous during those top 10 lists, to the point I think he was consciously ignoring the theme.

The Christian angle was especially grating. You don’t get to ding games with the slightest of non-Christian themes while making constant throat-punch jokes/threats to everyone.

Come to think of it, I think I only enjoyed their Top 10 videos when it was a worst of list, since it was the only time Tom wasn’t gushing about a game, Zee wasn’t shoehorning Pandemic into #1, or Sam wasn’t shoehorning Twilight Imperium into #1.

I feel it’s worth it. I already shunted off the big box monsters except Dreamlands. Prelude and Adventure cards are easy to offload too. I like the investigators for each expansion, and the added encounter cards so it’s not that bad with the expansion content.

In regards to Tom Vasel, I absolutely agree that not every game has to be a hardcore brain burn and I don’t deny that a great part of the resurgence of gaming is because of him and those that work with the Dice Tower. He used to be fine, but now with the glut of games out there, and he seems to review them all, I just don’t watch his reviews like I used to. Zee and Sam are fine but Zee’s but their game tastes just seem a little to light for me.

I agree with Pod and about Sam and Zee.
Zee’s top 8 games
#8. Game #8. King of Tokyo. …
#7. Game #7. 7 Wonders. …
#6. Game #6. Ghost Stories. …
#5. Game #5. Blue Moon Legends. …
#4. Game #4. 7 Wonders: Duel. …
#3. Game #3. Neuroshima Hex! Michał Oracz.
#2. Game #2. Onirim (second edition) Shadi Torbey.
#1. Game #1. Pandemic. Matt Leacock.

Of those 8 listed 6 of them are games I play with my kids. The other 2 I don’t have access to. I don’t deny their mass appeal, but where’s a Feld game or Rosenberg or Chvátil? That list reads like a Walmart shopping cart.

MvM has gotten better but it took a over a year to get to the point they are at now. I still think they soft pitch reviews. I’m not sure if it is concern that they will stop getting reviewer copies, but you never see them say a game is not good.

This AMA from FFG sounds a lot like they’re planning to wrap up the LOTR and AGOT LCG’s. I wouldn’t be super-surprised to see L5R following soon after. I don’t think it’s exactly been a rousing success and they have a bunch of much bigger properties to attend to now, including suprise-hit Keyforge.

Used to love all three of these designers, but now think they’re overrated (though Chvatil’s party games are brilliant). They’re worshipped on BGG though.

Tommy V has openly stated his desire is for the Dice Tower to cover every single game, even in 2019 with 5000 games being released each year. This is obvious when watching the videos: They’re clearly all done in a single take, back-to-back. However it’s also clear they play the game more than once, so even if the videos are hastily done, the gaming-playing doesn’t appear to be when compared with other reviewers.

I’m quite thankful for that approach though, as often they’re the only video on some random game. And they’re also the only ones to bother to have a series saying “If you like Monopoloy/Scrabble/Risk perhaps you’ll like…”

However, I’ve never understood what the point is of all of the “other” dice tower people that aren’t Tom/Zee/Sam. They get minimal viewings and they just confuse the “Dice Tower” brand. There’s millions of them these days and they just spam the subscription feed. (Not that I really pay attention to it)

I forgot about the throat-punch “jokes”! They even had a show with that in the name??

It’s a shame the rulebooks are awful ;)

Who likes new games?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking up Kingdomino Duel. Looks addicting and we play the main game quite a bit as a family.

I think I’m getting old. It seems to me that 90+% of these minis kickstarter are going for the extreme/edgy esthetic, and man, it just turns me off.

Hey, King’s Dilemma! I pre-ordered that but was vaguely expecting it to get pushed out another month - the designers said they’re releasing at Essen.

It basically looks like the Politics side of Game of Thrones.

Players all control various noble houses in a low-fantasy city-state or kingdom. The entire game consists of voting on how to resolve various dilemmas the game throws at you, and noting the effects. Effects can include tracking resources (Influence, Wealth, Power, etc) placing stickers on the board for ongoing effects (and having to sign them showing which house was responsible for them, good or bad). Houses are all different, with short and long term goals that unfold over the game- it’s a somewhat managed/branching story that unfolds across 15 or so games, with something like 75 envelopes to open.

There’s a good write-up of the preview game they were demoing at GenCon over here:

Wow King’s Dilemma sounds cool. I’m going to have to check that out!

Also, I’m amused that the art features a facepalm.

Pigasus looks like an adorable game for a kid. I am going to have to check that out for nephew.

Yeah, it sounds neat. It says it only plays up to 5 (but there are 12 houses to choose from, so you can conceivably have players who drop in/out per game/session. What I’m doing, though, is having my old GoT-watching group over to part on a bi-weekly basis. That’s 8-10 people, mostly couples, so each couple will play one House, sharing decision-making duties between them. This way we get more discussion and/or strife!

Possibly, but I would say they still belong in a top 10 of all time over king of tokyo.
PS I love King of Tokyo.

I want to play King’s Dilemma. I hear it’s more story and less gameplay. I’m okay with that.

I don’t think LOTR is going away. They’d be pretty foolish to stop printing the existing content as it always seems to sell out as soon as it gets into stock. I was waiting over a year (maybe two?) to get the Dwarrowdelf packs and I finally managed to grab them in the most recent reprint a few weeks ago, and they’re mostly out of stock again. The saga expansions have similar issues.

What I do think will happen is they’re going to do something to get away from the current model. I don’t know what that means, maybe less frequent expansions more along the size of the deluxe or saga sets? Maybe they’ll take a lesson from Arkham and come up with more campaign type content. Hard to say for sure.

The only thing I can say is that looking at the cost of the content I haven’t purchased yet (which is most of it) is a little daunting. Getting new players into the game is going to get increasingly difficult for the same reason. I keep an eye out for people selling the game on BGG and I recently saw someone list their entire collection which was almost all the content released to date, for something like $1,100. That’s… a lot. But it’s still probably a discount over buying the stuff new.

I do think the L5R LCG is going to die some point soon. The game really looked and sounded interesting initially, and I think they had some good ideas, but when it released it was too complex and the games lasted too long. I say this as someone who never played it, but watched some matches, and I’ve heard that opinion echoed by others. They couldn’t stripped a few things away from it and sped up the game and it might have had a better chance.