Boardgaming in 2019!

Thanks for the write-up, @Galadin. I was tempted to get Terrors of London based on the artwork and theme, but you’ve confirmed my suspicions that it’s not very well designed. Furthermore this:

…and this:

…are simply intolerable to me. There are too many good – or even just interesting – designs out there to mess around with this kind of muddle.


Been waiting for this one for months…the only game I can get my kid to play. Now to learn the behemoth.

They really like black ink.

Lol I got mine a few months back. Then just this week i unexpectedly got another huuuge box. Apparently the expansions shipped separately

Nice of them to include joycons, but can’t imagine how they work in the game.

I opted for the colored option…black was just too overwhelming.

why hasn’t anyone mentioned to me that there is an area control strategy game where you can pit Rose from The Golden Girls against Lord Voldemort?

That was a month ago.

Sorry. I was being facetious, and hadn’t seen it.

Just got my Cloudspire box of goodies. Nice amount of content with solo and coop scenarios galore.

I enjoyed Hoplo Origins but not the others too much and did not really like TMB…although I appreciated that game.

Will be plunging into this once I get off the USS Nemesis.

AAA releases this week!

And presenting this week’s “WTF?” release:

Letter Jam is a lot of fun if you like word games with friends. I played a prerelease copy a couple months back and had a blast.

Dreams of Tomorrow looks gorgeous but what…is it?

Oooo, ERA is an evolution on Roll Through the Ages!

That Toy Story game looks so cute! Baby’s First Deck-Builder!

Era: Medieval Age is cool. I got to play it a few weeks ago. The city building stuff is really satisfying, and not just because of the miniature buildings. Everything fits together to create a nifty economy based on dice and the distribution of different die faces. Also, the game has just enough interactivity in terms of stealing each other’s resources that it doesn’t feel like multiplayer solitaire.

One downside is the player boards are made of uniformly colored plastic and the symbols lightly engraved into the plastic are nearly impossible to read. Imagine playing a strategy game with the gamma turned up so high that the text is lost in the glare. Ugh.


The retail release comes with stickers attached to the box to ‘fix’ the player boards.

Or use crayons!

It’s like coloring in the numbers on the dice of my D&D Red Box set.

I was disappointed to see those boards. Glad to see they packaged in a solution! Too bad they still look like half-assed Milton Bradley components, when Roll Through the Ages had those nice hefty wooden boards…

So I didn’t know where to put this. Here, the Kickstarter thread or the Grognard thread. It’s a little bit of everything.

Anyway, one of the games I was excited for is finally here (we’ll, doing a preorder Kickstarter).

Seems like High Frontier but fiddle in different ways and with way more direct conflict. A lot of cool UI decisions (the planet boards with transit times) and some, well, definitely not cool ones like the player boards.

What’s more baffling is that they are launching this 13 days before the High Frontier 4th edition KS launches (and I will jump a HF with the new graphic design Sierra Madre games have now, good thing it launches the day before my birthday).

Anyway, there goes my monthly Boardgame budget.