Boardgaming in 2019!

I’ve heard that Tainted Grail was crazy! Well, technically speaking what I heard was that it was insane, this guy’s taint…ed grail.

Tainted Grail came for me over the weekend. Looks great! I played through the tutorial scenario and it looks pretty cool to me.

Don’t touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease!

We’re having our first board game meet up at work on Thursday night - looking forward to it! Good mix of accounting and HR folks so will be interesting. I actually didn’t start it but was quick to help out once people showed interest. Probably some Code Names, Telestrations, and a little Everdell for opening night, plus I’ll probably bring a few more gateway type games, just in case.

I got a chance to use the Tabletop Simulator to check out Too Many Bones. I read the rulebook and walked through the tutorial battle and then finished it. It seems pretty cool! Tabletop Simulator is a little clunky to manage the chips and dice - so I don’t know how much more I can handle with it. Hopefully my wife will sit down and look at the tutorial battle so I can convince her we should get it :-)

I’m tempted to try the Windows version of this but I’m always hesitant downloading stuff and installing it. It was written by some guy. That sounds pretty cool too and would probably be much easier playing out a test game before committing to buy and can let me wife see it.

I know you are all gonna play.

I ordered Agents of Mayhem after listening to Tom talk about it last podcast. Arrived yesterday, playing some tutorials (which Tom skipped) today. I didn’t love the video game, didn’t hate it. I have to echo Tom saying this clearly looks like a labor of love. The components seem almost unbelievably well thought out, particularly the character boards, which have cut out notches for various cubes/ tokens. One wishes every game was made this well.

Agree with Tom, too, in that one wonders what the audience is for this. I think it will be a niche hit if it turns out the gameplay is good. Two player (yeah, it can be played with more, perhaps not ideally) games like this can be a hard sell.

I am enjoying it so far. Just a solo run to learn the rules.

Man they make great videos!

Question for people who kick start board games. Is it usually cheaper to buy a game during the kickstarter, or when it eventually gets to someplace like Amazon? I guess not all games make it to general resellers, so I guess that is a risk.

I don’t kickstart many games, but it seems like the price is a bit of a wash. As you note, sometimes they don’t make it to retail, so you have to weigh that.

Yeah, like Mike said, the price isn’t really the issue. You can sometimes make out better later with free shipping at retail and whatnot. But that’s not what KS is about. KS is about:

(1) Getting the game early, and satisfying that urge to “know you have it coming” regardless of eventual plans for retail, and

(2) Having that guarantee of a game in your hands should the game get great buzz and sell out everywhere, which inevitably leads to

(2a) The ability to flip it for extra cash when the secondary market clamo(u)r starts because of presumed retail scarcity.

It is hardly ever meaningfully cheaper on Kickstarter, because online retailers discount more than 99% of the people making the games. Sometimes you might get stuff rolled in for free that will be sold separately at retail, at best.

That said, retailers may not get the game at all, or run out of stock quickly. And it’s reasonably common (if, IMO, gross) for there to be exclusive content and/or bling only for Kickstarter backers.

It’s cheaper later almost always, from the games I’ve seen, but there are some KS exclusive components or content that you might miss. Shipping can make a large difference too depending on the campaign.

Well someone was selling Sabotage locally. So I picked it up.

OK, so I won’t let myself feel too tempted to jump into the Kickstarter, especially because I’m working on the wife for us to get Too Many Bones. It almost seems like Divinity Original Sin may work better as a board game than the video game.

I would say it depends on who is publishing the game. If it is Eagle griffin, yes. You’ll get extra stuff get the game in advance and it will be more expensive or the same price as in stores/online without the extras. If it is Awaken Realms, yes. You’ll get all the expansion content for “free” you’ll and the game a year or more before anyone who didn’t back. Other companies it just depends. If it is a Fowler game, you can get it cheaper if you wait and there typically isn’t anything extra, but you will wait.

Most companies will end up publishing game even if they say it’s a kickstarter only release (example: City of the Big Shoulders). I backed City with the idea that the game wasn’t going to be sold even though that changed right before it delivered.

We’ve now played five chapters of Betrayal: Legacy. It is a blast, having a great time and looking forward to the next chapter.

That’s where we are too. Hoping to get chapter 6 done this Friday. It is a blast and we all enjoy our evolving family stories.

I think that’s about right where we are. The only difference was we played those 4 or 5 chapters way back at Christmas last year. My family really enjoyed it too, even my son who hates co-op, and we still reminisce about getting murdered by each other ;-)

We just need to get back to actually playing again. Hopefully over the holidays.

One of the advantages to Kickstarting games is the components can be better. I know the kickstarter to Rising Sun had much better components.

I missed the first week but am jumping into episode 2 of a local campaign tomorrow!

Hey this might be out of left field but I got a copy of Lockup which is by the Roll Player guys for $17 a few weeks ago and we really liked it.