Boardgaming in 2019!

Man, I wish I took better notes from this thread about what games sounded good. I know there is more than what I have jotted down.

You only have so much opportunity to play boardgames, though. If you miss something cool, you spend that time playing something else cool instead. It all works out.

Why not? It’s actually pretty good, even from an adult perspective. It’s just adult TTR but with shorter routes, and is a race to the finish.

You could also try TTR New York or London and just play with basic rules, but you might find they’re too small if anything!

Maniacal is a funny boardgame, and there are not enough of those. You can treat henchmen as badly as Jack Nicholson did when he played the Joker. However, you better be OK with a lot of dice.

Or this:

Haven’t tried it yet myself

I’ll just leave this here:

I got my Kickstarted Cheapass Games retrospective book this week!

It’s pretty neat, even though most of the book is copies of the rules for games I already have (and a number I don’t). There’s still a lot of entertaining James Ernest stories. I was hoping for more design insights into each game, but it’s usually a summary of the idea behind the game and the story of it’s development, if it’s interesting (a lot of them are).

One thing I have learned is that their game Starbase Jeff is named after Jeff Vogel, owner of Spiderweb Software, who is one of Ernest’s regular playtesters. According to Ernest, he got the game named after him when he completely exploited the playtest rules and made everyone else’s game absolutely miserable. Apparently he’s the “let me see how badly I can break this” playtester in the group.

This looks really interesting. 27 hours to go:

So, I backed this on Kickstarter and totally forgot about it, and just got the box.

There’s…alot here.

And I probably won’t ever play it!

Is there a name for collecting things to look at, not to be used?

Alternatively, would anyone like it, for a reasonable price?

Are you still in UK? If so, I might be able to help you out based on the opinion from our friends who are enjoying their own copy.

Hey up.

I’m here for about ten days, sorting out some reserve forces stuff for next year.

I should have transport soon, so can come to you if need be.

Also, if memory serves, you were running the board game meetings right?

That would be @Lykurgos. I’m a mere guest at those awesome boardgaming and culinary experiences. :)

Ok. Will take it to PM. Depending on where you are and whether the wife will kill me based on price, I might also be able to come meet you.

Thanks for the summons @Wendelius!

@BloodyBattleBrain our gaming group is of glorious QT3 origin, including Wendy, @Ginger_Yellow and some dormant or ex-forumites.

Please do PM me to see if your visit might coincide with a game day. I can say now that we intend to game on 15 December.

Adding an invite to any others who fancy joining a regular gaming group for mostly weekend gaming. We meetup 1-2 times per month at my place in Canada Water area, London, are expert at buying and learning new games but pretty hopeless at mastering any of them because oooh look shiny new game!

Yeah, I’ve been keeping my eye on it. Rhado loved it so that’s kind of an instant buy, but heavy cardboard has a play through online. I plan to watch it at some point just to confirm. I’m embarrassed to think what I have spent this year on kickstarters and the year isn’t over. Still have Great Wall and I’m debating whether to actually pick up Etherfields. I’m worried it is going to be too much like Tainted Grail and then they have Vanguard coming too.

Yeah, I backed this one at the fancied-up tier.

Last night I chose to watch Tom play Phoenix Point instead of watching Heavy Cardboard play Legacies (or playing my copy of Phoenix Point), but they talk a pretty good game.

Yup, me too.

Obviously I haven’t played Etherfields and my Tainted Grail experience is quite limited, but far as I can tell they are quite different. Tainted Grail involves map exploration on a timer with limited resources, and encounters are resolved through playing chains of cards that connect at various points on the cards. It also has a big encounter book you read from and personalized character stories. Etherfields involves exploring independent dream-logic scenarios (linked by a world map) and tactical encounters with movement and actions governed by playing cards for one of three symbol types (and special effects). I did not get the impression that the characters had specific narratives (you build them from flashbacks) and it looks like the stuff that Tainted Grail uses the book for are also cards in Etherfields.

You guys are braver than I am! I’ve gotten burned too many times by first-time boardgame designers. :(


I’ll take a chance on this over another dud from Stonemaier Games 🥁.

But yeah, I see the risk.

You know the game’s main claim to fame is that it won the Stonemaier Day competition or whatever?