Boardgaming in 2019!


I can vouch for the fine service offered by Mike Pollmann at Gaming Goat in Littleton, Colorado!



Me too. We just got Stone Age Anniversary to the table thanks to @Vesper. Super easy to deal with and I prefer to deal with folks I know rather than Amazon when able.


Regarding this situation, seems like it has been resolved:

Hi Folks,
Good news, Rick and I have made an agreement. The following is an officially agreed press release. From my point of view I am now happy with EGG proceeding with Age of Steam.

  1. Whatever disputes about Age of Steam that may have existed in the past have now been resolved to both parties’ satisfaction.
  2. I will no longer dispute that Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG) is the proper successor in interest to Eagle Games, the entity I signed a Purchase Agreement with in March, 2005 conveying various ownership rights to Age of Steam; Struggle of Empires; and a game to be designed at a later date.
  3. I have conveyed whatever rights I might have in Age of Steam free and clear to EGG.
  4. I will not dispute that EGG is the sole and exclusive holder and owner of the rights to Struggle of Empires, Railroad Tycoon (later named Railways of the World), and Railways of England and Wales (later named Railways of Great Britain) – games that I conveyed to Eagle Games.
  5. I also give my permission to Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG) to use my name in relation to the Age of Steam (AOS) game at EGG’s discretion (e.g., on the box cover; on the rules; in advertising and marketing including press releases regarding Age of Steam; and specifically in any Kickstarter campaign, updates, comments, etc.). I realize that they are under no obligation to use my name on the AOS box or otherwise and that is perfectly okay with me.
  6. I will no longer speak or write ill of Eagle-Gryphon Games, in public or in private. I will write no more BGG threads or on any other similar forum negative comments about EGG, as I have no basis to continue to do so. EGG has agreed to reciprocate. In short, we are both ready to put this behind us and move forward with our respective projects.
  7. I encourage everyone with an interest in the present Age of Steam Deluxe campaign running on Kickstarter to pledge and support that production and not to feel that some obligation to me prevents them from doing so.

Martin Wallace


Yeah, i saw that. The last week or so has been a roller coaster of drama on BGG over this. My favorite part was when John Bohrer apparently posted on the Winsome Games Yahoo group that most of the games published by Winsome were designed by him using pseudonyms (including some published under Martin Wallace’s name). If that’s true (which some people have suspected before), John Bohrer might be one of the greatest train game designers of all time. He’s still a huge asshole online though.

Also, apparently Martin Wallace used the money from this settlement to pay off debtors who called him out on BGG. Amazing how such an acclaimed designed of economic games can be such a poor businessman.


Anyone played Unlock! Secret Adventures? If I were to pick one to play with a group (not sure they’ve done real or board escapes before, but generally smart people), which would you choose?


Paging @CraigM. I think he’s played these, or at least similar ones.


So if I’ve never played a “train game” (assuming Brass doesn’t count), is it safe to assume Age of Steam is a good place to start?


Are you specifically set on the Secret Adventures series from them? @SadleyBradley is correct, I have played a bunch of the Unlock games.

Admittedly the Secret Adventures are a fantastic entry. I’ve only played the Wizard of Oz one from that set. But it is one of, if not their, best.

For Unlock I have played the following:

The top tier (9+)
Wizard of Oz
Scherezade’s Last Tale

These two are my favorites by a wide margin. They have improved their craft over time

The Very good (7-8)
Tonipals Treasure
Squeek and Sausage

Solid (5-6)
The Formula
The free print and play demo games available online

The Bullshit
Nautilus Trap

So Brass is… fine. It’s not my favorite. Personally I am partial to Railways of the World. It’s a matter of personal preference and taste though. Brass is good, Age of Steam, Steam, and Railways are all variations on a theme, with slight mechanical tweaks that give a different flavor. My suggestion is look up a few gameplay videos to see how they vary and which suits your taste best.

But if you’re asking me, I push towards Railways of the World, especially since the new reprint does a nice job of polishing a few minor things (i.e. coastal tiles, does this count as water? they added a center hex dot for that). I also like the map varieties offered. The expansion maps for Railways are really nice, and offer more replayability.


The Island of Dr whatever also belongs on the bullshit list.


It’s more that I already own it.


So you have the 3 game box? Cool, I’ve never seen those anywhere. It’s always the stand alone games.

I can’t vouch for the other two games in there, but Wizard of Oz was superlative.


Yup! It’s pretty simple and quick compared to the giant train games, but still very meaty (and 2ish hour playtime is certainly long compared to most other board games). I prefer Steam, but they’re all great and honestly pretty similar. (Assuming you play Steam with the Expert rules. Steam in Basic mode is a whole other beast.) Steam is currently available and cheaper than the edition of Age of Steam EGG is currently Kicktstarting. Unless you’re a huge fan of Ian O’Toole’s art, I’d suggest going for the cheaper, available alternative that in my opinion looks better.


Be very cautious. You’re treading extremely closely to the edge of the 18xx caldera. If you aren’t careful, you’re going to fall in.


Hrmmm… I dunno. I played a lot of Age of Steam back in the day, and enjoyed it for what it was. But it is a very weird game, all about making the least efficient deliveries possible. And about not screwing up the turn order bid.

I’m not sure what I would recommend though. I don’t really play a lot of train games these days (except Russian Railroads, which definitely doesn’t count). I mean, 18xx are good, but I’m not sure what to recommend there. 1830 just got reprinted I guess, which is a great game, but long, and not the least complicated of them.


Do eet


I think I just got it from Amazon.


You have the one with Oz, Tombstone Express, and Noside Story?



Fuck discourse.


Ok neat, we’ve played all three of those.

Agree with Craig that Oz is easily the best of those, followed by Noside. Tombstone Express was decent but there’s a really gimmicky dexterity bit that annoyed me. It just seemed like a weird addition as a time suck. We just ignored it since it had zero impact on the actual game other than stealing time.

If you have time to do all three, would do them in the Noside, Tombstone, then Oz order. I think it’d be best to have at least one other Unlock under your belt before taking Oz on.

We haven’t played Last Tale but I also agree with Craig on the others he listed. We’ve also done The Island of Dr Goorse, which had a really neat final puzzle for us, though a good chunk of the early part of the game has you split up your group. My wife & I usually do the Unlock & Exit games on our own as we feel they work better in a really small group.


I suspect I’m only going to have time to play one tonight. I bought the pack to play with the family over the holidays, but we never did in the end. So I’m bringing it to a gaming night as a fallback if the main game doesn’t go over well, or we just fancy some variety.